The new Ark for Nintendo Switch is a brilliant redemption story

From Digital Foundry: "It's one of the most infamous Digital Foundry stories of all-time. The original version of Ark: Survival Evolved arrived with a mixture of shock, horror, befuddlement and amusement owing to its incredibly bad visuals, ultra-low resolution, lack of detail, LOD popping issues, slow loading and the fact that often, textures did not seem to load at all. However, a couple of months ago, we were approached by representatives of the studio, saying that an all-new Switch version was coming - and they were eager for Digital Foundry to check it out.

Let's be clear here, while we're not exactly big fans of the Ark concept, the new version of the game is completely transformative. It's one of the biggest improvements we've ever seen, turning the game from a hideous, unplayable mess into one of the more impressive Unreal Engine 4 titles we've seen on Nintendo Switch. It's been rebuilt from the ground up and addresses virtually every criticism we had of the original game."

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ARK Development Kit Gets 'Major' Update

Studio Wildcard has launched a 'major' update for ARK: Survival Evolved's modding software, ARK Development Kit, available now.


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10 Differences Between Ark: Survival Evolved and Ark: Survival Ascended

Jordan from The Nerd Stash, an Ark enthusiast, shares the differences and changes that players can see between Evolved and the newly released Ascended.

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JSONEHUNDRED121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I just had to come by and say that most of these dont work or havent changed from Evolved.

10. Tames still getting stuck on rocks. Dilos are so frustrating to make sure they havent been left behind
9. The interface is still exactly the same, and slower too
8 & 7. are the same thing. Dont care about camera modes
6. Building is slightly tweaked. There are Pros and Cons. Some things are merged to 1 engram, which is good but can be annoying trying to find Railings every time because the image is a square wall :P
5. Tracking is great. Except that you get a marker in the distance for every friend who is taming something, until you manually turn it off per tame. I used to use a mod for a really good tracking device.
4. The new map is visually way better, tho they seem to have removed being able to add waypoints to the map. There is also a shroud over the map which takes a lot of work to open up. At least we can finally see our clan mates (something that never worked in the old game. These guys dont fix faults. They just recreate the same ones)
3. There are no new creatures yet. I dont know how long itll take to get any new content. But the patches are coming in fast, and it already runs way better than it did at launch last friday.
2. Loving the baby dinos
1. The graphics are different. It used to be beautiful already. So I dont care. I just want new stuff.

After all this, they didnt fix any issues and problems that have existed since day one. This new version is pointless. But its too late. I own Ascended now. ill still play it to death. I love Ark either way. Just cant wait for new content. I havent found Vin Diesel in game yet either :)