The Dream iPhone Pro

This concept started as a Photoshop idea by Giz reader Mat Brady. He wants to get rid of his Nokia N95 but can't get himself to buy an iPhone for the same reason other people don't like the current iPhone. Lack of a physical keyboard, lack of a good camera, and not enough storage.

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PlayStation3603672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

and I'll upgrade with the quickness. And with that new LiveStation app that'll come to the iPhone in the future...

... the iPhone will be crazy as hell.

*my personal fav would be the iPhone iChat. Although I would prefer the front cam to be placed top center, similar to the placement of the cam on the iMacs.*

rimbreaker3672d ago

this is not even close to news good sirs

TheIneffableBob3671d ago

That keyboard looks uncomfortable.