It's Time For a New Banjo-Kazooie Game

The iconic bear and bird duo have been out of the limelight for a long time, and a new installment in their platforming adventures is long overdue.

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jambola580d ago

If made by someone that isn't modern rare

Lightning77579d ago

Modern Rare has no interest in making any of its old games. Double Fine made it clear they don't want to make other ppls Ip's either. Unless MS hands it off to a third party. Maybe the team that made the new TMNT can do it.

ZwVw579d ago

Playtonic (Yooka-Laylee) have expressed interest in potentially developing a B-K entry. Given how the studio was formed by several ex Rare devs (who worked on all three B-Ks), it'd be a no brainer.

Everyone is just waiting on the green light from Uncle Phil.

UncertainCategory579d ago

It has been time for a long.. long long long.. so very long time for a new Banjo. It's so frustrating watching all these other mascot games get release after release, many with legit success. While Xbox is just sitting on Banjo. AH. Killing me.

Lightning77579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

I just explain the situation. Rare has no interest in making its old games.


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darthv7291d ago

I was always a fan of Cobra Triangle.


Gaming Franchises Deserving Of A Return

Bobby says, "Many video game franchises have come and gone, but what ones should return?"

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Terry_B314d ago

Art of Fighting
Bloody Roar
Clay Fighter
Final Fight
..and so on ;)

FinalBoss314d ago

Art of Fighting...We are going to have a Fatal Fury, we can have hope for this one too :)

Number1TailzFan314d ago

I only had the CD version of Final Fight but yeah great game, great music. Challenging too.

The Desert/Jungle Strike games need to return too.

Asplundh314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I remember playing Clay Fighters a lot, honestly it wasn't great and it got worse with each sequel.

Snookies12314d ago

Bushido Blade needs to be on that list of fighters!

Terry_B314d ago

I agree, but Bloody Roar is higher in my priority lol..due to that already super fun indie fighting game hellish Quart which is still on early access

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FinalBoss314d ago

Onimusha and Legacy of Kain! Excellent choice.
I would add Shenmue indeed.

gold_drake314d ago

breath of fire

shadow hearts / koudelka
dot hack series.

and many more u cant think of right now haha

FinalFantasyFanatic313d ago

Maybe Shadow Hearts/Koudelka can make a return now that Penny Blood is in the works (worked for 100 Heroes/Suikoden).

I'd really like them to do a Dot Hack compilation/quadrillion pack, and having Breath of Fire return would be good too, it didn't deserve to go out with a whimper (I'm talking about that mobile game they made for it).

gold_drake313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

haha you dont need to clarify your points, i know xD

i know theres a .hack project on the way, but no one really knows what it is. from qhat ive just read, the vice Pres. of CC2 wants a remake of the four games, but Bandai holds the licensing and hasnt given the greenlight for it.

and yehz bof didnt deserve the the ceap games at the end

RaidenBlack314d ago

Quake (not including the re-releases)
Brothers in Arms
Bad Company
Legacy of Kain
Midnight Club
... many more

porkChop314d ago

The Legend of Dragoon
Sleeping Dogs
Midnight Club
Lost Odyssey
Syphon Filter
Red Faction

shinoff2183314d ago

Porkchop you probably know already but did you know they worked on a scarface 2.

porkChop313d ago

Yeah I've seen footage of it. Activision cancelled it after they bought Sierra. I still think that's crazy. Scarface was successful enough that Sierra planned on making Scarface 2, 3, 4, etc. It's wild that Activision would just cancel it like that.