God of War Ragnarok - Cory Barlog Shuts Down Theory of Who Blew the Horn; Will Be Answered One Day

God of War 2018 Game Director Cory Barlog shuts down a theory on who blew the horn to summon , but that will be answered on day.

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Eonjay71d ago

The answer is out there in the game. I know that some secrets aren't discovered until much later if at all but I have faith that someone will find it.

MrVux00071d ago

Or perhaps it will be left to be discovered in future games.

It's anyone's guess at this point.

vikingland170d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Isn't this kind of a spoiler? It's still a new game. Not everybody knows about the horn in Ragnorok.
I'm still waiting for my game delivery.

DaMist69d ago

The horn in question is on the first game, when the world serpent was summoned, but yeah I wouldnt click on that for possible Ragnarok spoilers if you haven't played it