Rumble My Joystick: What Does the Playstation 3 Really Need?

Back at E3 of 2005, Sony made grand promises for the Playstation 3. Jack Tretton himself said they were to "Under promise and over deliver". I look back at that and think, "What a crock". Xbox Live is no doubt ahead of the Playstation Network, no matter how many people wish to fight it. It's a very integrated service that's easy to use, and boasts features that the Playstation 3, frankly should have had from the start. Sony has been playing catch up since the release of the PS3 and it's beginning to really bother me.

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chaosatom3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

It was price cut, then games, new ps store, video store, then in game messaging, then home, then price cut.

I am sure sony is working on all the things and some new things too. They know people wanted communication from games but I guess they are still busy with home.

Sarcasm3632d ago

The PS3 could do everything and beyond and people will still hate it.

Yet the company that offers one of the worst hardware in console history gets free passes like Britney Spears.

Captain Tuttle3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

That "free pass" cost them more than a billion dollars.

MNicholas3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

are coming out of the closet. It's an embarrassing sight, to say the least. Bitter about Dreamcast, bitter about HD-DVD and therefore staunchly anti-sony, these people come and go as the news changes.

Here's the reality:

The "magic" $199 pricepoint is the last chance Microsoft had to take over the market once and for all. $199 is said to be the price at which a product goes from being an exclusive niche item to a mass market product that almost anyone can afford. Perhaps the Wii has shown that nowadays that magic price is $249. Still, Microsoft not only undercut the Mii in price, they even copied the Mii concept, yet the Wii, which has had no price-cut since launch is outselling it 2:1. In otherwords, the 360 has already failed. If it cannot take over the market at $199, it's not going to do it $179, $149, $129 or $99.

We saw what happened with the GameCube and Dreamcast. If it doesnt sell well at $199, it won't sell well when you drop the price further.

For car buffs, think of Wii vs 360 as a Toyota Prius (Wii) outselling a cheaper but faster car (Ford Mustang) but where Ford is trying to sell the Mustang as both as sports car and an eco mobile. Microsoft's got to get their head out of their own asses. They are panicking and have no clue what to do next so they are trying everything in a half-hearted way. The netflix integration sucks. The Mii-copys suck. There is no genuine high-bitrate HD video playback (HD-DVD is extinct). They've run out of options and they know it.

As for the PS3, no one expects the $399 console to sell like hotcakes. The much cheaper Ford Mustang (360) sells far more than the more costly Nissan GT-R (PS3) despite the fact that the GT-R has all the bells and whistles. However, if the GT-R was the same price as the Mustang, is there any doubt that it would sell more? Let's keep things in perspective.

The PS3 is doing fine. At $399 it would be shocking if it had higher sales than what it does. Still it managed to do much better than last year.

The only console in trouble is the 360. Despite massive price-cuts and a complete redesign of the interface it's still way behind in average annual sales compared to the other two consoles.

For those knee-jerk disagrees, here are the average annual sales:

Wii: 21M (astonishing!)
PS3: 9M (excellent considering the premium price!)
360: 8.3M

Despite having one full year to itself with no competitors, despite being much cheaper than the PS3, and now, much cheaper than the Wii (once you get to mass-market prices even $20, let alone $50, is a lot), the 360 is dead last. By the end of 2009, given the $199 price, it should be able to claw it's way past the PS3 in average annual sales as long as the PS3 doesn't get any major price-cuts which would, of course, boost PS3 sales. The 360 might even cross 10M/year by the end of 2009. That's still far behind the Wii which will have sold over 60M by the end of the 2009.

ChampIDC3632d ago

How does MS get a free pass for making crappy hardware? It gets bashed for the RRoD all the time.

hfaze3632d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself... +bubbles

evrfighter3632d ago

Nicholas, a well thought out comment. However that argument would have had more weight if the arcade bundle had been out longer than a few months.

Your writing as if the 360 has been on sale at the $199 price point for awhile. it's only been a couple of months dude. You weren't expecting an overnight shift of console dominance were you?

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aiphanes3633d ago

I know there are hate xbox 360 articles....but the depths that fanboys go to try and hate the awesomeness that is playstation it beyond me...little do they know they are only hyping the PS3 even more.

Whoa Its Wes3633d ago

How is it a hate article?

It's stating the obvious and things that could be improved upon

Captain Tuttle3632d ago

Don't let it get to you...the majority of posters on N4G are particularly sensitive these days.
Have a bubble.

Whoa Its Wes3632d ago

Thanks for the bubble, here's one for you too.

Cyber Gamer3633d ago

nothing in this world is perfect not even your xbox 360 or even when xbox 720 comes out and no one is perfect and never will be and why do we allway's see these stupid article am a gamer and i come to n4g for news about games not this crap lol and if your a true gamer u will no what am talking about and to the rest psn is free stop complaining and move along lol

Stereojet3632d ago

Here we go again....

The fanboys in this generation of games are a joke!

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