Why It’s The Perfect Time For a New PlayStation Handheld

Hey Sony, remember handheld gaming? You should, because you did some really cool stuff in that space before you seemingly walked away from it forever. Well guess what? Handheld gaming is actually really big right now and we’d love to have you back. We wanna take our PlayStation gaming everywhere! Do it for the world. Do it for PlayStation. Beyond!

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Orchard81d ago

Nope. There’s no reason for this to exist when SteamDeck exists. Just buy a SD instead.

shinoff218380d ago

I agree with this. Id still like to get a steam deck myself as long as I can dock it like the switch and hook up my ps controller to it. Which I imagine the controller is possible im not sure of the docking though.

Neonridr81d ago

No. With the Switch already controlling the main market, and other options starting to rear up (Steam Deck), there is very little reason for Sony to waste time and resources on something that will ultimately pale in comparison and then get left for dead.

shinoff218380d ago

Vita was way way better then the 3ds but it just didnt get the support.

Neonridr80d ago

yep, and the PSP was better than the DS. The PSP fared much better, but the lack of 1st party support is what killed the Vita. Meanwhile Nintendo handhelds live by their 1st party support.

GoodGuy0981d ago

No never again. It's clear Sony only wants to focus on their main console and blockbuster titles only. Another handheld would be abused to death again. They're also way too afraid of the modding community. I can only see sony perhaps doing a streaming handheld though.

shinoff218380d ago

If they do please make a vita tv like thing. Id much prefer that then a handheld.

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