Slysoft re-cracks BD+

The new version, announced today, breaks the new revision of the unbreakable BD+.

For those of you not following this one-sided fight, Blu-Ray movies do a lot of very unfortunate things, like stripping your fair use rights, preventing backups (no one has kids or pets that maul disks), being incompatible with boatloads of hardware, and transmitting every viewing, every click, and every thing you do back to who-knows-where to be used against you. Really, they do that, why do you think net access is mandatory?

Slysoft was the first to fully crack the old encryption scheme over a year ago.

A few weeks ago however, a new revision of BD+ came out that was not crackable with the current schemes. A fix was estimated at a few months, but never doubt the good folk at Slysoft, they did it in a few weeks.

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Blademask3583d ago

it will be fixed, with the new firmware..

Elven63583d ago

And cracked again......

If I understand this correctly, even if BD+ is updated all previous titles would still be crackable unless they were also updated, correct?

WAR_MACHINE773583d ago

a firmware update would only be for profile 2.0 or PS3 and they could possibly patch the hole but it would still be usable on an older player.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3582d ago

No matter how many fixes Sony tries, it's just going to end up cracked again. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it, people even crack slysoft. As long as people have a computer and a net connection, there will always be people who want it for free. It's only going to get worse, more movies, more cracks. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying welcome to the world wide web. For people to assume anything softwre related couldn't be cracked, well I'm sorry but those people are fools. Do you realy think BD and the PS3 can't be modded, cracked, or hacked? Head on over to Google or Yahoo and get those fingers moving, you may want to remove the blindfold first.

TOO PAWNED3583d ago

Can someone put this people in jail?

Elven63583d ago

Unfortunately no.

A majority of the harm is done by p2p sites like the Pirate Bay, we've already lost 1 console to piracy and are on the verge of losing another....poor Dreamcast :(

kwyjibo3583d ago

For allowing you to back up video on your hard disk? Let's ban tape recorders shall we? Let's throw Bram Cohen in jail for creating bittorrent next.

uie4rhig3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

limited to backing up, and not allowing anyone to crack it in the user agreement, they could technically sue this/these guy/guys..

EDIT: wots the disagree for lol? care to explain?

OGharryjoysticks3583d ago

So that's what they are calling the bootlegs now :)

Capt CHAOS3583d ago

Back to the days of cassette tapes in the 80's..

WAR_MACHINE773583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I love this crap where they act like what they are doing is just. Using fair use rights to thinly veil piracy and acting like the movie companies are spying on people by saying that net access is mandatory is just pathetic, (to the best of my knowledge its not because The Dark Knight and Resident Evil: Degeneration both play just fine in my PS3 with the wifi turned off). Hell, a lot of companies are even being cool enough to include a digital copy disc so there won't be a need for a "back up". The plain and simple truth is their software is for nothing but stealing.

kwyjibo3583d ago

Enabling the possibility of piracy is not piracy. (which is copyright infringement and not theft - but that's a different matter)

BitTorrent can be used for piracy, that technology is stealing right? The internet can be used for piracy, that's stealing too is it?

Free speech enables dissent, we should listen to the Chinese and ban that too.


When do pirates pay for anything? If Slysoft's target market were pirates, then it's a pretty poor business strategy, but they're still in business - so it obviously isn't their only market. How popular are BD movies on bittorrent swarms? Who has the patience to download those anyway?

sukru3582d ago

I don't think people will use this software to pirate, while bittorrent sites provides already ripped movies (in dvd size mkv chunks).

But this really opens the path to backups, and playing on alternate operating systems (linux). The only way for Linux to play DVDs "was" using DeCSS software for a long while. A similar one for HD-DVD/BluRays exist, and I don't think BluRay consortium will allow a Linux program in a short timeframe.

fishermanofwar3582d ago

There are computers.....

People will try and crack these disks

UltimateIdiot9113582d ago

Correction, as long as it's made by another human being or a result of another human, it's hackable.

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