Crystal Dynamics claims Perfect Dark development is going ‘extremely well’

Crystal Dynamics has claimed that its co-development work on Xbox’s Perfect Dark reboot is progressing “extremely well”.

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Jin_Sakai127d ago

Then show it. All we need is to see some gameplay.

darthv72126d ago

Maybe they don't want to risk another Halo Infinite moment.

Jin_Sakai126d ago

I have a lot more faith in CD than 343i. I just want to see some gameplay.

phoenixwing126d ago

Darth while the halo infinite moment was bad for Microsoft it was good for the game. If their game is looking crappy then wouldn't you want the public to let them know so they can do better?

Crows90126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

If its another halo infinite then its not going extremely well.

If the public needs to let you know your game doesnt look good compared to whats out there or expected then maybe they shouldnt be working on top tier IP.

gangsta_red126d ago

This game may still be in very early development. why show it and then come right back here and complain that they showed the game too early

DarXyde126d ago

Eh. Microsoft has been getting a lot of grief on their showings (much of it is deserved, I would say).

Best to wait until they're ready to show it. Maybe they want to show it when they lock in a release date within months of that showing. It very much is wait and see, which I can actually appreciate.

Mr_cheese126d ago

It 100% should not be shown until they are confident and ready to show it otherwise they create negativity around the wait and any potential delays that follow.

Take your time, work the game and then reveal when ready. Best business practice possible.

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jonny897127d ago

Not surprised, Crystal Dynamics is a capable team.

Welshy126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

That may be true but so were CDPR before the Cyberpunk disaster, or DICE were competent once and claimed BF2042 was "way ahead of schedule".

Regardless of who is making a game, always best err on the side of caution. Especially this project after The Coalition claimed it was going great and labelled it "AAAA" previously before CD were called into save the title from what may still be a disaster.

Crows90126d ago

I do believe CDPR were capable...I just didnt expect what others did and chose not to forget that Witcher 1, Witcher 2 and Witcher 3 all had tons of bugs at launch and performance issues....soooo yeah.

ActualEngineer126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

🤡🤡🤡pl ease go.
DICE and CDPR are legendary developers, but a game has to abide to the will of the companies shareholders and their release schedule.

CDPR managed to deliver a BANGER in an extremely old engine that they had to push to it's absolute design limits; it had a LOT of bugs yes, it was unfinished yes, but you have to be an absolute CLOWN not to see the quality, work, aesthetic and unique nature of the game and all those different mechanics it encompassed.

Gunstar75126d ago

Don't you mean "The Initiative"?

And if I am correct, they never said AAAA it was a recruitment agency that printed that (possibly on error) and it got twisted by the gaming media so it looked like the dev had said it

isarai126d ago

*looks at avengers* you sure about that? 🤔

127d ago
Lightning77126d ago

CD is probably carrying tbh.

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