Wii Play Has Outsold Halo 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Gears of War COMBINED's Ryan Rigney drops some interesting stats on some of the best-selling games of this console generation. Some of the numbers are to be expected, but others, like the fact that Wii Play has outsold Halo 3, MGS4, and GoW combined, are quite interesting.

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hombrehambre4655d ago

Oh my God. I now understand why Nintendo abandoned the "hardcore." We're not worth as much money.

Stoneroses63004655d ago

Jesus. Those are some BIG selling games. I hate the Wii so much...

Blademask4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

They wont, nor will the media. Wonder why.

the Wii is a FAR first, and compared to the 360 and the PS3.. its time for both consoles to call it quits. I mean if #'s determine these things.. right?Its time for Microsoft to admit defeat, along with Sony.

Hardcore gamers never mattered folks. We like to think we do, but soccer moms buy more games.

The wii Is cheaper than the PS3, and cheaper than the 360.

This is what I call owned. the Wii is the reality that slaps Microsoft and Sony in the face, arguing over a distant, distant, distant second. If either Sony or Microsoft was ahead by this margin, the media would be calling for the lesser to get out of the industry.

But, Sony at least comes in second with its gaming division. Microsoft needs to think about a portable, or something.

Since sales matter more than game quality, its time for both the 360 fans and the PS3 fans to give up and move on. its over. Neither console will ever catch up, or sell the software the wii does.

Monchichi0254655d ago

The only reason that Wii play sold so much is because it came with a second control at a great price. I know that's why I havi it. And with the Wii, you have to have 2 controls.

INehalemEXI4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

wii sports has sold twice as much as wii play ... nothing sells more then whatever ninty puts in there bundles...super mario bros nes, tetris gameboy, wii sports wii, super mario world snes.

MS, and Sony should have taken note of this and had something in there sku's from launch and put it in every single sku there after for it is good to spread 1 good game to all that purchase the console for nostalgic reasons. For the big HD 2 it should have been something with online too. I guess sony could say Home is that game...and MS had Aegis Wing I think it was yet those games did not come at launch. Even if the game is not the greatest its still a starter and thats good.

Ninty is genious for that though having that 1 game thats in every box. Its a system seller since people can buy a console and go home and play something with out having to buy a game same day they bought the console.

JsonHenry4655d ago

The ONLY reason I own Wii Play is because it came with a controller for the same price as it would have cost me to buy an extra controller..

TresTrendu4655d ago

Big selling games? How does one game become games? Wii sports come packaged with the wii so that doesn't really count. And the other is buying a controller.

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tinydancer4655d ago

Wow. This is front page material if I've ever seen it. Christ.

locos854654d ago

Is Wii Play even considered a real game???

mint royale4654d ago

you play it. Simple really. I would have thought it was pretty obvious.

jessupj4654d ago

I think he meant compared to the quality of the games from the 360 and the ps3 side can it even be called a game?

Kamikaze1354655d ago

No wonder Sony and Microsoft fail to see Nintendo as competition >_>

mint royale4654d ago

I wonder how a wii HD will fare next gen.

aiphanes4655d ago

But so do most of the wii games...its all about casual games.

Oh well Killzone 2 comes out in a less than 2 months...who cares about the wii...LOL!

Tarasque4655d ago

Wii play does suck but the only reason it was bought was for another controller. I mean seriously this article is a joke, just as wii play is and for most all other games on the wii.

ultimolu4655d ago

That is quite scary indeed.