Sony Surges On News of PS3 Production Cuts

When a company announces that they've cut production costs on a flagship product, investors tend to take notice. Recently, an iSuppli report showed that Sony has shaved 35 percent off the production of the PlayStation 3 console, leading to a surge in the company's share price.

Sony has gained 2.7 percent in today's trading session on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, outperforming the exchange average gain by 2.4 percent.

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Wildarmsjecht3607d ago

So....the doom and gloom articles. Whatever happened to those?

Genesis53607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Oh there will be about 5 of them along any minute. None with any merit though. Like 90% of them. Just some American with a keyboard on a rant.

Wildarmsjecht3607d ago

I already see one pending referring to Holiday sales. Of course they're basing their information on "Early" reports, but hey thats good enough.

morganfell3607d ago

Now people are wrongly reporting news stories to kill any positive PS3 news as well.

These details were just successfully killed off:

All of the key ICs in the new PS3 have undergone changes and employ more advanced process geometry compared with the previous model, iSuppli said. These parts, which include the Cell, Nvidia Corp.'s Reality Synthesizer and Toshiba's I/O controller, are all now implemented at 65 nm, as opposed to the 90-nm parts used before, iSuppli said. It appears that each of these ICs has been redesigned to augment functionality and to integrate hordes of previously discrete components that now have disappeared from the PS3, according to iSuppli.

DaTruth3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

No need for negative PS3 news, this won't pass approval. Bladestar, POG and their band of trolls will be reporting this as lame, fake and whatever else. That's what happened to the positive LBP and R2 news; Reported for being VGChartz, but weekly sales showing 360 up on VGChartz always passes aproval.

Bnet3433607d ago

*sigh* Look guys, those "negative" PS3 articles get approved because the people who approve them know it works everyone up. Just learn to ignore and report. That's it. If you comment and say how wrong they are (which they probably are), the guy who got the story approved got his wish. This is the only time I am saying this, take my advice or not, I do not care.

DaTruth3607d ago

You and your reasonable and logical comments! Bringing hope of sensible and intelligent debate to N4G. Who do you think you are?!!

morganfell3607d ago

That sounds fine but they killed this:

saying it was a duplicate and it wasn't. It did mention the stocks but it also contained the data I quoted above and more.

phosphor1123606d ago

Bubbles to all of you above me, because I want more replys from people like you, and less of..other peoples.

prowiew3606d ago

Great news for sony. Now slash the wifi, put a hd with less memory to get even lower and slash the price to $280.00. im a genius. Take my idea sony.

Mozilla893606d ago

I like my Wi-Fi thank you very much. I see no reason to take out this feature.

Why o why3606d ago

especially since every single current gen console, handhelds included, have wi fi as standard except, you guessed it....

Mozilla893606d ago

I'll take the prize behind door number 3.

SonyOwnsNextYear3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

this is what i keep saying.

unfortunately microsoft fans dont like it 1 bit to see the ps3 kick ass....and so they steal my and other sony fans, bubbles and the ability to speak.

sony fans are giving me my bubbles back.
i predicted this, and began giving ALL sony supporters who post on the boards +++bubbles. whenever my ability to "give", recycles, i give em out.

sort of a "thanks" in advance for returning my speech.
thank you.

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ultimolu3607d ago

Darth Vader imitation: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Uh-oh, more positive PS3 news. Better bring in some negative ones!

Why o why3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

they're coming. real soon. They'll get hotter quicker too. I can just imagine some clicking on the pending section, ignoring the pain caused by salivating acid over their own fingers and keyboard, eyes dilated, waiting to pounce;)

This gen was NEVER going to be a sprint. No gen has been so maybe people should slow down on the incoming BAD NEWS for sony like its somehow the END. Please dont mug urselfs off for cheap revenue driven headlines. My point also goes towards any of the doom n gloom articles about the 360 . Yes i know there are less against the 360 BUT some are not warranted unless they're about hardware issues because they STILL exist. Either way it seems all 3 are here for the long haul at this point in time.

Johnny Rotten3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Is the 2.7% from the PS3 news or Sony as a whole? Maybe the rise is from the reaction of investors seeing how Blu-ray is starting to get more recognized? it could be anything and everything?

Blademask3607d ago

Sony is DOOMED.


solidt123607d ago

It is on the PS3 news. I saw the report on CNN news today.

dannyhinote_133607d ago

There's always a multitude of reasons why a stock price goes up each day, but this is the big story that has the biggest effect on the stock right now.

GrandTheftZamboni3607d ago

You changed your avatar like 4 times in 5 minutes...

No, I don't have life but to pay attention to things like that :)

Johnny Rotten3607d ago

yep that's the rye talking :)

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solidt123607d ago

The PS3 is ready to rule 2009 also. PS3 had the best game line up in 2008 in my opinion and 360 had Gears 2.