Gamer Limit: Fallout 3 Review

A brief stint with Fallout 3 gives the impression that it's merely The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, albeit with guns and science fiction instead of high fantasy. The game runs on the same engine as the 2006 RPG sensation meaning that on a technical level, Oblivion's strengths and weaknesses also ring true for this game. However, once you look past the graphical and technical issues, Fallout's real strength appears in droves. Fallout 3 offers a world we've never seen before, characters we've ever interacted with and an experience completely and utterly its own.

Fallout 3 begins in the womb and the plot continues during your characters formative years in a vault, which is exactly as it sounds, a big underground vault used to shield citizens from the aftermath of a nuclear war. Your several stages of adolescence serve to teach you about the game's character development system, you're guided by your father. At the end of this phase things are shaken up when your father leaves abruptly, leaving the rest of the vault and its citizens in chaos. The player is then charged with finding a way out of the vault, and discovering the true nature behind the events of your father's disappearance.

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