NINJA BLADE Demo out now: (Japan only)

NINJA BLADE Demo is now available on the Xbox 360 marketplace (Japan only).

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Nathan Drake3793d ago

Put it on the NA marketplace please

360 man3793d ago

please as if u have an xbox

IzKyD13313793d ago

How do you know he doesn't have access to one?

barom3793d ago

How does it work with foreign accounts. Are they allowed? Can you create a Japanese account and download it?

NaiNaiNai3793d ago

@ above
im trying that right now. and........

5 minutes later.

yes it works, far its in english.

heck yea its ta osprey...
the game looks really good so far, and im in SD at the moment.
and the combat seems is well done.

so yea you can DL it with a alt jpn account.

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TheMART3793d ago

It has already leaked and can be downloaded on other places as the Resident Evil 5 demo also was... If MS doesn't distribute it fast, the users will...

TheMART3793d ago

It's not in a link, its through newsservers/payservers and torrents!

Sonyfanclubpresident3793d ago

You having a 360 is like me really wanting to be Sony prez.

gambare3793d ago

wait... the fact someone is a PS3 user is instantly banned on wanting a 360 title? well.... the PS3 users always welcome a 360 user when they want a PS3 title, are the PS3 users superior in that fact?

Sonyfanclubpresident3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

are most likely the same fella.
Multiple accounts are name of the Sonyboy game in here.

And to answer your BS question.......
I've seen tons of 360 users welcome PS3 users to the "light side"
when they were interested in MSs software or console.


Just because I make a joke in the OPEN figures the likes of you would get all bent out of shape and retaliate in such a way.

As your president,
I'm disappointed.

Lumbo3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I guess you don't ...

Someone said its leaked to the usual shady places on the net though.

GiantEnemyCrab3793d ago

I created a Japan account right when the RE5 demo hit so I know you can still do it. Here are the instructions I followed. When you signup you will get 1 month of Gold free so you can snag the demo's that are Gold exclusive.

DragonWarrior465343793d ago

This game looks really boring.. Somebody please tell me Im wrong.

tplarkin73793d ago

The only videos I've seen are long QTE sequences. (Quick Timer Events where you push a button that flashes on screen.)

QTEs should be illegal.

IzKyD13313793d ago

"QTEs should be illegal."

Excluding God of War's you mean

tplarkin73793d ago

I never played God of War. Although I'm sure I'd like it, I would never like QTEs. I also hate fixed cameras.

I'd rather have a cut scene. If you have a QTE, you are not looking at the action. The screen may as well be black for QTEs.

Bladestar3793d ago

"Excluding God of War's you mean " I assume you will also say, "Excluding heavenly sword..." or lair..

PotNoodle3793d ago

God of war did quick time events really well, its the only game i've overlooked them on.

Simon_Brezhnev3793d ago

God of War, Heavenly Sword, and Yazuka 1 and to did QTEs pretty well

candystop3793d ago

Use to be the sh!t! Does anybody remember that arcade game cobra,road avenger, dragons lair, ace or something like that? GOW did them well but nothing compares to the old school visions.

NaiNaiNai3793d ago

they did a good job with them in KH2, but those are kinda over looked by alot of people case it was a ARPG.

LeonSKennedy4Life3793d ago

God of War, Resident Evil 4, and Jericho are the only one's that have really done it right.

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