The Biggest Snubs for The Game Awards 2022

Game Rant Writes "With the nominees for the 2022 Game Awards being released, there are many games that came out this year that many people feel have been left out."

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VersusDMC76d ago

There are some good small points in the article...but it starts with why wasn't Sonic Frontiers nominated. It is 72 on metacritic but Gamerant gave it a 80. Snub is a term used for games that undeniably deserved a nomination...i doubt Sonic Frontiers meets that.

jambola76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I didn't realize "snub" had such a tight definition
it's not just game of the year btw, it's about other categories too

IanTH76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I'm not generally so cynical, but The Game Awards has never really seemed particularly legit. Most award ceremonies like this, for any media, tend to be popularity contests than anything else.

This never even seemed like a popularity contest, primarily felt more like a marketing stunt. So I wouldn't put too much stock about what is or isn't included in the list. Even the community stuff, as I recall, has predetermined lists of games to vote for, so the value of that vote is somewhat irrelevant.

Take TGA for the the primary value it holds - game revelas and such - and don't give much thought to anything else.

jambola76d ago

it's pretty much as legit as any award ceremony

luckytrouble76d ago

This is basically how I see it. Unless you desperately need validation that you played a good game in a given year, The Game Awards is more about announcements and reveals. It's like a conference showcase with extra steps.

jambola76d ago

Sonic not being mentioned for anything
but Diablo immortal and fifa / nba having any recognition
is a travesty

DefenderOfDoom276d ago (Edited 76d ago )

EA NHL HOCKEY 23 should have been nominated for best sports game.

DeusFever75d ago

The Game Awards are an industry award show. Look at categories like best microtransactions (online game), most popular advertisers (streamers), and most earned in monetization (online game again). Gamrant also supports the industry with inflated review scores and click bait articles like this. Personally, I’ll have now own thoughts on Game of the Year for 2022 when I finish these games sometime in 2024.

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