Activision Blizzard Microsoft deal struck at ‘bargain’ price to protect ATVI CEO, claims lawsuit

From frat house behaviour claims to regulatory problems, the $69bn (£59bn) takeover by Microsoft (MSFT) of gaming giant Activision Blizzard (ATVI), hit a further bump in the road this week, after a Swedish state-run pension fund sued ATVI and said the takeover is rigged.

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Ristul79d ago

I would not be surprised, this means Kotick is trying to save his own hind by selling the company at a bargain price. We heard about the toxic work environment at Acti-Bliz before this deal took place, I have a feeling this very true indeed. This is looking more and more like a scandal.

Bobertt79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Don't forget both he and Bill Gates are tied to Epstein. So it wouldn't be a stretch to say they were friends and that's why they rushed the deal. Kotic probably saw the writing on the wall so he called up Bill gates and was like i will sell you Activision at a discount if you don't fire me and then give me a big severance pay so i can leave and start something else.

Vengeance113879d ago

Bill Gates has very little control, if any, over Microsoft. So this scenario wouldn't happen.

darthv7279d ago

Gates hasnt been in the picture for years. Take the tin foil hat off for this one.

Orchard79d ago

Christ, I feel like I need a tinfoil hat after reading that.

1Victor78d ago

Although vengeance and darth are correct that bill gates is out of the picture he still have contacts on Microsoft and if he approached the current boss and told him about this deal he would go with it no questions asked specially with their lack of games for their game service and the current boss been the one behind all the switches to having services instead of physical sales of the office program

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Lifexline79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

I thought this was obvious from the get go…. Obviously MS Came at an opportune time and bought them when the whole sexual harassment was at its peak. This is not news we all knew this and so many articles were written about it. We all knew Kotick is trying to save his ass by selling. I guess not everyone connected the dots.

Godmars29078d ago

That work environment reports blew up was the literal reason Activision sold to MS. Why - how - are people acting clueless about that?

neutralgamer199278d ago

This deal has way too much negativity and should not go through. This isn't pro consumers in anyway

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Redemption-6479d ago

Can't say if this true, but there is one thing I am sure of, Kotick and upper management will definitely negotiate with MS for the best possible deal for themselves and will not be shocked if they left after the acquisition without be held accountable and when get huge sums of cash.

got_dam78d ago

They will definitely get a massive golden parachute. Guaranteed no accountability and a massive payout.

The3faces79d ago

This doesn't make sense lol.

jonny89779d ago

MS got the idea of purchasing after the harassment reports

talocaca79d ago

Would anyone actually be surprised if this turned out to be true?

Asplundh78d ago

Not one bit, Bobby is probably another Harvey Weinstein

rlow179d ago (Edited 79d ago )

What’s weird about this lawsuit is it’s from a Swedish state pension fund. How the hell do they tie into this exactly? I personally think they are looking to add more money to that pension fund. What a better time to make an accusations when the European Commission is really scrutinizing the deal.

Ristul79d ago

No, they are protecting their investors like anyone would from corrupt suits in power that care nothing for the savings of ordinary people.

rlow179d ago

And how do you know that???

crazyCoconuts79d ago

@rlow, as much as Ristful's comment sounds like something out of Marx writings, it's directionally true I think. Pension funds invest in stocks in order to get returns, and pensions of government workers are funded with planned returns. If the buy out is undervalued shareholders are the ones that suffer, in this case the pension fund itself. Now in practice, would the government really stiff their retirees since they're legally obligated to pay them? Are they using this opportunity to mask overly aggressive planning estimates on returns (Chicago for example)? Who know what's tied up in the real details....

rlow179d ago


Okay that make better sense to me now. I appreciate the info on the investment side of things.

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