Phil Spencer says Xbox shelved game streaming box because it cost too much

Couldn't hit desired $99-$129 price point.

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darthv7282d ago

I know any of their xbo units and series line can do streaming but they want something small like the PSTV was. And obviously something better than the stadia setup. Given the price of regular controllers is $50-60... that seems to be half the cost alone.

Melankolis82d ago

Yea, many underestimated the cost of a controller, it's quite expensive, even more so a controller inside a portable device. Chinese devices for retro & emulation with better controller & build cost quite significantly higher than it's cheap counterpart although the specs are quite similar.

Jin_Sakai82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

“Phil Spencer says Xbox shelved game streaming box because it cost too much“

Aka we shelved it because Stadia failed.

Orchard82d ago

I'm kinda surprised they couldn't get this down to $99. Really all it needed to be, was a streaming stick w/ bluetooth with a controller in the box. That should be more than doable for $99

Melankolis82d ago

Chinese retro & emulation devices company might sell you $99 but i don't think it will be Microsoft/Sony's build quality.

Orchard82d ago

Yeah but this isn’t running anything intense. It’s not much different from a TV streaming stick.

It looks like they went for more of a set too box setup which is probably where the cost comes in - probably has a ‘proper’ processor etc

crazyCoconuts82d ago

@orchard maybe they couldn't bring themselves to deploy their software on a mini Linux kernel like all the other streaming sticks do. Windows everywhere. I remember reading about the Xbox one being two windows instances (1 for the UI, 1 for the games) managed by a hypervisor. Not a lean architecture

Orchard82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

@crazy Good point. It’s probably running Windows and needs a reasonably beefy CPU, heck I bet they can’t even run ARM in the thing - Windows on ARM is still a pretty bad experience compared to x86-64 Windows (which also isn’t exactly a great experience…)

They’re still using the dual OS setup you mentioned on the Xbox Series too. System OS and Game OS.

It is slower, especially if you’re in the Game OS and have to make cross VM calls to the system OS. It does give them an extra level of protection though, and is likely the reason they haven’t been jailbroken while Switch and PS4/5 have.

darthv7281d ago

@crazy, windows is the user interface for consumers and businesses. MS themselves has used linux based systems for various other things, including their cloud based blade servers. They arent above using linux where it fits, they are even invested in its future development.

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FallenAngel198482d ago

PSTV should have some kind of successor

Destiny108082d ago

they could have streamed candy crush to billions of people

Aussiesummer82d ago

Yeah right I'm sure stadia wasn't a deciding factor at all.

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