Gears of War 2 the ultimate glitch collection

Gears of War 2 attended Glitch Fest 2000. We know that. But just how glitchy? Here's a video that shows off just about all of them. There's 16 total with some honorable mentions.

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Breakfast3578d ago

....Kotaku is so biased against the 360.

Anyways, i can deal with cheaters, but i cant deal with this:

16. Shotgun and Boomshot Blind Fire Only Work If You're On Host Team

DragonWarrior465343578d ago

But its far from balanced. And the ranking system is garbage. Everything pretty much sucks besides the gore and satisfaction of totally mutilating somebody. It would have been a million times better if it was a FPS. I guess only in my dreams.

Ghoul3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

"1 - Oh my God...
....Kotaku is so biased against the 360. "

HAHAHAH i can't take it anymore

-bubble +disagree +spamreport

Blademask3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Kotaku hardly covered anything about it. Now they do though, after the press is done.

err brb i think i hear them writing about how the PSP is a failure as well... and that home beta has bugs.

gamfreak3578d ago

how can anyone play this S*IT is beyond me.

BLUR1113578d ago

What games do you play?

F*cking ratchet & clank at your sister/ fiancee house ?

silverchode3578d ago

ratchet and clank has a better story than gears of war.

gamfreak3578d ago

Lol, you really are as blur as one can get. Hahahahaha, enjoy your Queers Of Flop with full of glitches and STFU. LMAO.

ultimolu3578d ago

...Um...glitchfest 08'? xD

BLUR1113578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

So funny that this glitch game just stomps any ps3 game in the ground far as the amazing graphics, gameplay , online play, DLC, and all hardcore gore and blood put on one dvd!

yeah go solve a puzzle in uncharted and think why do I try so hard to jump on the angry droid bandwagon

you never even played gears you are just a sad fangirl that don't understand the world yet.

Your minds capacity does not have enough space to talk some sense about such a awesome game that has done stuff that no OTHER game has done in a shooter before.

ultimolu3578d ago


I'm sorry but the number you have dialed was invalid. Please hang up and try again...

BLUR1113578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

how old are like 13 ?

Go suck on hiphopdroid's black diseased goober while changing your accounts to disagree so quickly.

OnslaughtX chainsaw? Evil monsters? are you that simple minded? you are a joke GTFO droid. I wasn't talking to you! why are you desperate droids even looking up about this game it's not on your ps3 and stop pretending to hate the game cause you people make it really seem like you love it.

keep putting this game down whatever! do ya know how many glitches are in COD4 oh but COD4 is on all consoles. oh well then I think I know where this sh*t is always going

lokiroo4203578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Blur do you think you are some hardcore fanatic, your a lame fvcking pvssy ass xbot that has no idea what the hell is going on.
It was all done in the first one, this is just a paint by the numbers reproduction, maybe next time they can produce something that does not have the enormous amount of mistakes that this one does.

DiabloRising3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

"Your minds capacity does not have enough space to talk some sense about such a awesome game that has done stuff that no OTHER game has done in a shooter before." what? A chainsaw? Evil monsters? I'd love to hear this one. Gears 1 was a great game, but revolutionary it ain't.

I see you have nothing of substance to say. Thanks for the laugh.

MGOelite3578d ago

im loling my head off on how much BLUR is trying to defend GOW lol!!! its a broken game lol deal with it and stop getting so offensive just cause you havent realised it yet. its clearly been rushed since about 20 problematic glitches have been found in what a month?. so instead of delaying it while they fix it they throw it out the door so all the fanboys can lap it up like watered down horse sh!t (try and picture that image, i dare ya)

fair enough Socom isnt much better but at least the patch is coming for the 5th of january, i bet epic doesnt do owut for ages, theyve made there money, and no longer care anymore

ultimolu3578d ago

Lol, damn BLUR.

If the game has glitches, then what did you want me to say? Those glitches were just hilarious. I saw a video like that at work and I nearly choked over my water watching it.

I'm sure Gears 2 is a great game but those glitches are insane.

morganfell3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Graphics? MGS4 > Gears of War 2. And that is just taking into account the way the games look.

If you want to go deeper then there is the fact that MGS4 presents incredible skeletal animations and lifelike movements. As far as Gears of War 2 skeletal movements, well if I want realistic tank action I will play Steel Beasts.

And this is a priceless piece of self pwnage only a 10 year old could display:

"how old are like 13 ?

Go suck on hiphopdroid's black diseased goober while changing your accounts to disagree so quickly."

Goober? Most children stop using that word when they grow their first pubic hair.

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lokiroo4203578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

This game is more lame by the day.

DiabloRising3578d ago

I'm sure someone will misread this but... again, how does stuff like this get past QA on a tentpole title? I mean really, this is just silly. It wasn't okay when it happened to Socom, it's not okay with Fable 2 (though I appreciate their somewhat quick fix) and it's not okay here.

And WE consumers are at a disservice since reviews totally gloss over this stuff, or frankly just don't know about it. I think that undermines the very point of reviews and shows, again, how broken the review system is.

Bathyj3578d ago

You know why it gets through. Because Gears 2 was a hit, and by hit all I mean is guaranteed seller from the day they announced it.

Why bother spending 6 months playtesting and polishing when everyones going to buy it anyway? Or maybe its just buggy cos of the engine like most UE3.0 games.

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