Games Abyss: InFamous Preview

Empire City has seen better days. A sudden explosion has taken out six blocks of the city, leaving a massive crater and a man named Cole as the sole survivor of the incident. Emerging from the wreckage, Cole soon discovers that the explosion has granted him abilities of an electrical nature. But as the confused protagonist begins to readjust himself to his chaotic circumstances he suddenly passes out, only to awaken two weeks later to a much grimmer future than he could ever imagine. Enter the world of inFamous. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, this Playstation 3 exclusive will electrify gamers with its non-linear approach to the action genre.

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Cajun Chicken3579d ago

Cole's first name is going to be Nathan, isn't it? No ones saying anything about his full name, its just Cole that I've heard, what is is full name?

bunbun7773579d ago

his name is nathan--darn it you already made the lame joke before me--

Nathanial Rex Cole

Cajun Chicken3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I bet you he works with an allie all the time throughout the game and this person would ask in the end cinematic:
"By the way, what was your name?"
"Nathan, Nathan Cole"
and Nathan jumps through the city spiderman style into the sunset and all us PS3 fans'll have a smile on our face for the sake of PS3 tradition with PS3 franchise protaganists being called 'Nathan'.
Then the Allie will return as a puppet-on-strings Mayor in the sequel who is forced by the criminal underground to frame Cole for the inital explosion.

Bubble Buddy3579d ago

I wish my name was Nathan :P.

Gue13579d ago

What with all this Nathan guys? First it was Nathan Hale from R2 then Nathan Drake from Uncharted and now Nathan ******** from inFamous.

What's the story behind all this?

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bptgamer3579d ago

they should name it gazar lol

GrandTheftZamboni3579d ago

"By the way, what is your name?"
"Cole, Nathan Cole"
"What is the time?"
"Thirty. Seven-Thirty"