Phil Spencer ‘thought there was no f***ing way’ Flight Sim was running in real-time

From VGC: "Microsoft Flight Simulator head Jorg Neumann has revealed how gaming boss Phil Spencer reacted when he saw the latest Xbox and PC sim for the first time, proclaiming that there was “no fucking way” it was running in real-time.

Speaking to VGC as part of a forthcoming interview, Neumann said he could tell by Spencer’s reaction that his project had potential, because “none of the guys in that room were simmers, and they all felt something.”

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just_looken85d ago

I tired it on pc was shocked my tiny town of 20k was ingame and i landed at the airport.

Maybe we will get to a point that the cities we land on are active like gta could you imagine all these sims going together into one big simulation game.

The players will be doing there own simulation from police to farmers to mud runner players.

LordoftheCritics85d ago

It was hugely satisflying to places i've never seen before.

just_looken85d ago


right so amazing shocking also that the media has not made it out to be a training tool or some bs.

XiNatsuDragnel85d ago

Microsoft games are the master of simulation games tbh.

MajorLazer85d ago

What simulation games do they make? Flight sim is made by Asobo studio.

EazyC85d ago

Halo, Sea of Thieves and Crackdown are all quality simulators

MajorLazer84d ago

On what earth are any of those simulators? At a massive stretch you could maybe argue for Sea of Thieves but that's it.

Si-Fly85d ago

When it comes to aviation perhaps, but when it comes to racing certainly not with the likes of iRacing, RF2, ACC and AMS2.

anast85d ago

It's a flight sim...what an amazing feet...

EazyC85d ago

Feat, for fuck's sake. Feat.

anast85d ago

Yeah, you are right. I typed feet instead of feat. I bet you still understood.

"FFS" The issue is that I can correct my mistake (not an error) going forward, but you probably can't correct your necessity to solve mundane and inconsequential problems.

84d ago
85d ago
Father__Merrin85d ago

Reminds me of f16 falcon looks good in the air but on ground doesn't look that good especially the generated terrain

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The story is too old to be commented.