Jack Thompson: Take Two's Stock Woes Are an Act of God

When he's not leading a shareholder revolt, Jack Thompson is apparently a spokesman for God. In a letter to Take Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick, the former attorney said that Take-Two's recent stock tumble is an act of God.

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Wildarmsjecht3800d ago

Who let Jack out of his box?

dannyhinote_133799d ago

The last gasps of an attention whore.

Tempist3799d ago

Someone needs to smack him around for blasphemy. ALL GAMING STOCKS FELL. EA is down to $15 and change from being at $48 at the start of September. Activision Blizzard followed the same trend and they have WoW still making them money. Clearly this has not just 'god' at work but rather the economics of recession.

Someone please take his soap box away and give endsights a good smacking around for not doing their research.

lord_of_balrogs3799d ago

Jack pisses me off. How is advirtisement able to not target minors? Unless all GTA4 commercials were pushed to atleast 11:00 PM, minors would still be exposed no matter how much Take2 tried not to expose them. And frankly 11:00PM isn't a great time for advirtising. A company's main goal is to earn money. I don't blame Take 2 in anyway.

I mean we have viagra and condom commercials going on during the daytime and no one complains about that, even if the legal age is 14 for minors.

BLuKhaos3799d ago

It's an act of God that I haven't crash landed an airbus a380 on his face.Someone should create a task force to go back in time and erase this man/troll thing's genealogy from the face of the earth.

jadenkorri3799d ago

if you see jack thompson walking in the streets, run up to him and kick him in the nads, don't worry just run away, but make sure you get it on tape, be most epic video ever...Jack thompson is as low as Owe Boll...wait wait...a better idea, Owe Boll Vs Jack Thompson in the ring, to settle whos the bigger loser of them all...

Drano3799d ago

That nobody killed this guy yet? I'll be back in a minute...

Jump Beyond.

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Lucreto3800d ago

I believe that Jacky Boy here lost his job was thanks to god. Well thats who I thank and my own god as well.

Shadow Man3799d ago

I wonder how would of turn out if it was M rated.

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The story is too old to be commented.