God Of War Ragnarok And Elden Ring Lead The Game Awards 2022 Nominees

This year's Game Awards nominees are a heavyweight selection of the best that the industry has to offer.

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Nyxus78d ago

Most nominated:
God of War Ragnarok: 10
Elden Ring: 7
Horizon: Forbidden West: 7

Full list:

MrVux00078d ago

So much for Forbidden West losing by a landslide.

Crows9078d ago

I wouldn't vote for it...i platinumed it but preferred elden ring more.

Army_of_Darkness78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Forbidden west all the way!
Not cool leaving it out of the title though....

RpgSama78d ago

Considering both Elden Ring AND Horizon have the same amount of nominations the news should read as "God Of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring AND Horizon Lead The Game Awards 2022 Nominees"

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RpgSama78d ago

I mean, considering the three of them are nominated for the most important one, GOTY, I would say it is warranted to mention the 3 of them in the same sentence when both Elden Ring and Horizon have the same amount of total nominations.

SurgicalMenace78d ago

It's definitely between Horizon and GoW for me. I expected Elden to be on the list but it's not GOTY material, for me.

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SurgicalMenace78d ago

Cool story bro, but narrative, graphics, sound, protagonist, etc are included in my assessment of games all of which Elden fell short of. Thanks for taking the time to let me know why you like a game I don't. Time well spent....

Aloymetal78d ago

ER is not even close to Sekiro.

SurgicalMenace78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


The battle system and intensity in Sekiro is second to none. I was wondering that the entire time I was playing Elden....why is this combat so garbage when they created both Blood Bourne and Sekiro?

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Ashunderfire8678d ago (Edited 78d ago )

This maybe underrated but there is something about Amicia from A Plague Tale Requiem, that could steal the show for Best Performance. The actress who plays her is really really good. I am so glad that game is at least nominated, and I love the first game. I am definitely going to get the sequel very soon though.

Horizon Forbidden West was a great game, but I can see God of War Ragnarok or Elden Ring winning the show. To be honest...God of War Ragnarok!!!! For Game of the Year! Lets call it right now. Bu bu bu but, I won't be mad if they somehow make A Plague Tale Requiem Game of the Year.....That would be an Antonio Banderas meme moment on the computer!!!

Tzuno77d ago

Forbidden West should be nominated for garbage, it doesn't have a chance

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Relientk7778d ago

It's about time A Plague Tale gets some recognition. I think the first one only had 1 nomination for Best Narrative at the Game Awards. A Plague Tale: Requiem getting 5 nominations including GOTY is awesome!

Crows9078d ago

It's a bloody amazing game. I just finished it a few a day ago.
Best narrative game I've played since tlou1

ClayRules201278d ago

Hey, you’re not alone, I’ve played all the God of War games as well. And I understand not saying one game is better than the other if you haven’t played both games, that just makes sense. I hear ya on that.

Having played both sequels, for me personally, I can comment on both. I absolutely loved both the original games when they came out - some of my absolute favorite games and Plagues Tale was a surprise, a gem of a masterpiece (from a small indie dev) and I’m so glad I gave them a chance them. And God of War 2018, what a masterpiece.

Plagues Tale Requiem - I would not be mad or upset if this game won GOTY, not at all. I absolutely loved it and thought they really outdid themselves- specifically with the unbelievable storytelling and performances, which blew me away💔😭 for me it exceeded the journey that the first game offered, not just from a story perspective, but the gameplay was also better as well. It’s a worthy sequel in my eyes. Also, I wanna touch on the visuals, damn, the game is an absolutely stunning looker, the environments, I can’t believe how realistic The world looks, and the character models look fantastic as well. But the world, that’s a highlight that just had me standing still at times. Unbelievable detail.

God of War Ragnarok - While I’m not finished, it’s just brilliant, and taking me on a ride I’ve never experienced before in a game, while also reminding me of the masterpieces that came before it. Some will criticize it and say “It’s too similar” God of War Ragnarok plays it safe” but to me it takes everything the first game did, refines it, polishes it all up, to make the experience that much more smoother, tighter, hard hitting, brutal, unforgettable and stronger in so so many ways I still just believe the devs at Sony really are wizards to be able to continuously conjure up AAA quality gaming experiences like this again and again that really do raise the bar for the industry.

I hear you, I can be that way and just can’t shut up about a certain video game, not alone in that haha, it’s all good. In the end tho, so glad you loved Requiem

ClayRules201278d ago

I’m so glad to hear you loved Plagues Tale Requiem, it’s pretty amazing in an of itself, much like the first game!

Rangnarom tho, it’s a MUST for any God of War fan - who specifically loved and enjoyed 2018’s game. For real, while I’m not finished with it, what I’ve played is truly brilliant and is reminding me so much of the times when I played Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but also The Last of Us all those years ago, and both hold a place in my gaming heart haha!

Brilliant game.

Crows9078d ago

Im a huge fan of God of War. Played them all. To be fair ive only played requiem through gamepass using a 15 day free trail from a controller i believe. Otherwise I would have waited for a deal and played it on ps5. And for me personally I cant just say a game is better If I havent heard of it or played it. And in the event I've played one of them and not the other I have to go by what I've played. Im sure God of War deserves it just as much.

But Im a sucker for good stories and both Tlou part 1 and Requiem have so far done the same to me...I find myself wanting to replay it immediately after finishing and just cant shut up about how awesome the game was.

Ashunderfire8678d ago

Dang it LOL!!! I love the game too please get Game of the year or at least best performance for the actress that plays as Amicia! Yes it does need to be more recognized! Its a Hellblade moment right there! Nuff said.

crazyCoconuts78d ago

The nature graphics are absolutely incredible. Dialog and voice acting has been great. Gameplay and such is just ok, as expected. I haven't finished the story yet, but the story so far has been pretty straightforward and relatively shallow imo. I really like the game, and for a small studio it's an amazing accomplishment.

Crows9078d ago

Keep going. Youll regret it but love it at the same time.

andy8578d ago

Requiem was awesome. The only complaints were the frame rate tbh. Thankfully I have a 120hz TV so playing it at 40 with motion blur off was very playable.

SurgicalMenace78d ago

Soon then the frame wasn't an issue then? Was this a chance to bring up your TV, sir? Are you proud of it? Which one do you have?

Crows9078d ago

On PC I could maintain about 60fps most of the time...It dropped to about 45 at times. The epilogue for whatever reason was only running at 30-32. I had settings mostly on high and some in medium. Laptop with gtx 2060

andy8578d ago

@surgicalmenace erm...what? No it wasn't an issue (for me) that's why I said thankfully I have... now other people who can only run it at 30 that's where a lot of the complaints were. And showing off my TV? Well it's a monitor I used the wrong word and it was only 299 so I don't thing that warrants showing off tbh it didn't exactly break the bank 🙃

Ashunderfire8678d ago

Amicia for A Plague Tale Requiem need to win for Best Performance, and the graphics for that game is so damn good man wow! Love the first game, and I won't be mad if they call it Game of the Year! Shout out to the actress that plays as Amicia!!!!

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Crows9078d ago

I find it hard to nominate...i haven't played and finished Ragnarok yet.

Flawlessmic78d ago

This is a straight shoot out between Elden ring and GOWR for game of the year, no doubt about it!!

iv have played all 6 games on the list with plagues tale And GOWR being the only ones i haven't finished yet, plagues tale due to losing interest and GOWR because it has just come out and I'm trying to complete everything i see before moving on to the next story beat, there is a lot to do in this game!!

Xenoblade was decent but nothing special, same as stray.

HFW was awesome but elden ring and GOWR are on different levels.

Elden ring was the first FROM soft game i actually managed to beat completely even though i have played all souls and sekiro games, in fact it made me go back to demon souls and finally finish that one as well and then i started a new game a plus for Elden ring and went back and finished it a second time, so elden ring was special.

GOWR for different reasons is just as special as elden ring, right now id give the edge to GOWR as its more my type of game, as its more of a complete package, when i say complete package i mean top tier - Story, graphics, gameplay, sound and way less issues thane elden ring had at the start.

While my preference right now would be GOWR, that could change as i still haven't finished and don't know where the story will end, anything less than Elden ring or GOWR winning game of the year would be a robbery straight up, ive played all 6 and 2 of them absolutely tower over the rest.

As long as one of elden ring or GOWR win then ill be happy so both games deserves any awards and plaudits that come there way.

Crows9078d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I get it. I've lost interest in games before too even games are actually very good. I even know some people that lost interest in God of war 2018 which I found incredible. Not sure how far you got in plague tale and it is true that it starts a tiny bit slow but ramps up pretty fast. For sure if you want an actually good Revenge story and I'll say no more, this is the best one I've played in a long time. It definitely has revenge in the plot and very clear consequences. It also the tackles the theme of loss in ways I haven't seen any game do before.

I've actually tried all Xenoblade games and lost interest before finishing. So I get it.

But sorry to say I voted for plague tale for gotyr. Haven't played god of war yet so if i do before the deadline and change my mind I'll see if I can change it....just don't know if I'll be able to play it till 2023.

Flawlessmic78d ago

Nothing apologise for crow, you like what you like and if plagues tale hit the mark for you in that way then who are anyone us to say otherwise.

plagues tale is something that I really should love as I hear the story is amazing and I'm real big on good storys in games as thats usually what pushes me through to keep playing.

The story seems great, I only got to the first city you go to for Hugo to see a dr and got to the stadium where the plague has killed a ton of people, maybe another hr past that.

It was more the mechanics I wasn't big on, the stealth, lighting fires to clear the rats.

Will have to give it another chance but after gowr it's time for pentiment as I'm hoping it's as good as disco Elysium was and then I'll probably play the witcher 3 all over again once the update is out


*”God of War, Elden Ring, AND Horizon 2 lead for noms”

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CrimsonWing6978d ago

I'm so torn! Elden Ring and God of War are my picks for GotY, but they're so different and excel in their particular genre it's difficult to say which was the better experience.

VerminSC78d ago

Yeah I’m in the same boat! I think god of war feels more expensive, and polished and it’s a phenomenal game… but Elden Ring is the first game since Ocarina of Time to make me feel like a kid again. It just captures a magic other games are missing.

SurgicalMenace78d ago

Though I'm no fan of Elden, I'd say choose by examining which game brought all the elements of awe together best. Graphics, world, narrative, pacing, sound(score), acting, protagonist, etc.

78d ago
SurgicalMenace78d ago

Protagonist don't matter? Let's just ignore that there's a best actor award in damn near every ceremony. Pacing should be ignored because it's an open world game? Ghost of Tsushima, Outer Worlds, Red Dead, etc all sent you a get well card. Narrative isn't important? Says every library in the world.

Design level....GoW doesn't stand a chance...?🤔 Well since you brought it up....the open world is all Elden has on GoW, take that away and you have a last gen soul type that copy/pasted elements from previous games together. The open world is so pointless that it only managed to make doing the most basic tasks arduous. "Let's ride a horse thing acrossed barren landscapes for 20 mins to collect this rose petal. Yes!! Now only a hundred more to go!!" Calm down, it's okay to like different things.

Imalwaysright78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

In a game with such an open ended design that puts player agency and freedom at such an extreme level when compared with other so called open world games that handhold the player at every turn as they are designed to constantly tell you what you have to do and where you have to go then I find you mentioning that GoW has better pacing than Elden to be bizarre because if there is something that Elden Ring does better than GoW or pretty much any other game is pacing because it is up to the player to choose the pace at wich he/she wants to go.

That's part of the brilliance of Elden Ring that sets it apart from pretty much every open world game released in the last 20 years and this is something that should be fairly obvious for anyone that has actually played it because it's a complete 180 in terms of open world design when compared with the vast majority of other so called open world games that instead of offering freedom to the player are actually offering an illusion of freedom.

SurgicalMenace78d ago

So am I to assume that you didn't play Zelda on the NES? Open world, no map, can go in whatever direction you'd like in whatever order....ring a bell? In an age where narratives, scale, pacing, graphics, etc take a front seat in AAA development Elden just comes off as lazy. Since you're such a fan of freedom and all; next time you're in your car going to a new location forgo using your GPS/signs to assist you in your journey. Don't want you to become a hypocrite like all of us playing games with compasses and maps. Mansa Musa and Leif Ericson were acolytes....using maps to navigate the open world.

This world is full of characters....

Imalwaysright78d ago

One game? That's all you can come up? I didn't say that Elden Ring was original in terms of open world design. I said that how it was designed sets it apart from pretty much every open world game released in the last 20 years and it does.

"In an age where narratives, scale, pacing, graphics, etc take a front seat in AAA development Elden just comes off as lazy."

Is that why Elden Ring sold more than 16 million copies and is the game with the highest metacritic score released this year? There is nothing lazy about Elden Ring. It's a game that actually tries to be different than the vast majority of games in its genre and does it masterfully and you can see that FromSoftware put a lot of work into it. A world that was masterfully crafted with 3 goals in mind: exploration, freedom and player agency and for that you have a world with a sense of mistery that you rarely see in other worlds that is begging for being explored. A world in wich every path is meticulously carved out and integrated into the landscape. A world in wich every single part of it was designed with something in mind. There is nothing lazy about how Elden Ring's world was crafted and other studios would do well in studying how FromSoftware created Elden Ring's world and what makes this hilarious is that it was their 1st attempt at creating an open world game.

Then you have FromSoftware's patented and tested combat with an array of options that you rarely see in other games, epic and varied boss battles, interesting lore and a sense of accomplishment that no other studio is able to match because they're obssessed with controlling every single aspect of the experience their games provide.

Also, calling me a hypocrite for what? I'm talking about games and how they're designed and you're talking to me getting in a car and GPS? What does one thing have to do with the other? Are you stupid in the head or something?

SurgicalMenace78d ago

You are aware that the average IQ is between 80-115, right? Most people are average with average desires so 16 million people hoarding towards the basic trapping is no brag. Go back and read your comment about games hand holding and maybe then the analogy of using the GPS will find correlation.

Sekiro was From Software's best battle system and we were offered none of its greatness in Elden, just the same dry 3 hit roll system seen in every Dark Souls game. Graphics were ugly compared to Demon's Souls or any other true next gen offering.

What I've been seeing lately are people who lose themselves in these games to almost a hypnotic degree to where they enjoy them more than reality. You sound like a cultist foaming at the mouth for their next hit of nonsense. Elden is a game that cuts corners, some overlook them to trudge through while other don't. To each their own.

Imalwaysright77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Comparing real life with a game is something that delusional people would do so instead of talking about that IQ nonsense you should perhaps seek help or institutionalize yourself.

Sekiro is a completely different game than Elden Ring wich has one of the deepest combat systems ever created for a game and that is the complete opposite of laziness.

"What I've been seeing lately are people who lose themselves in these games to almost a hypnotic degree to where they enjoy them more than reality."

Where have you seen that? Surely it was inyour delusional mind. A mind that just a few paragraphs above was comparing real life with a game...

Yes, discussing how games are designed makes me a cultist... I firmly believe that you couldn't come up with more idiotic arguments even if you tried.

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