Next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming on December 14th

The Witcher Official Twitter: "The next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming on December 14th, free for everyone who already owns the game."

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chrisx75d ago

At what point are we gonna stop calling current gen next gen?

AKS75d ago

It probably seems less "current gen" to the people who still haven't been able to locate and buy one yet.

MadLad75d ago

When we stop heavily supporting last gen.

Astrokis75d ago

To be fair it was released last gen, making an update to a new generation “an next gen update”

DOMination-75d ago

Once Sony starts making exclusive next gen games outside of Insomniac

SullysCigar75d ago

^ So what, like Demon's Souls, or Returnal? Neither of which are Insomniac? Try harder, troll.

Army_of_Darkness75d ago

Sweet update! I can start playing it again after stopping 6hrs into the game 😬

DOMination-74d ago

"So what, like Demon's Souls, or Returnal? Neither of which are Insomniac? Try harder, troll."

Neither of those games were first party when they were released

Spenok73d ago

It should have stopped the day the PS5/XSX launched.

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deleted75d ago

This is sweet. I never got more than 10 hours into the game, mostly because I was distracted by other games at the time. This will be a great time to give it another shot and finally play through it!

Epicent3r124975d ago

Like you I tried a few times to get into it. Then i found a lull in games and I played it start to finish. It's well worth your time, one of the better open world rpg's, and fantastic story/writing.

TheEnigma31375d ago

nice. gonna download in on the ps5

Grave75d ago

Right, its a patch so if already downloaded, then it will just update correct?

SullysCigar75d ago

I was playing the Blood and Wine DLC when they announced PS5 patch. I stopped right away and decided to finish it in style once the update lands.

Crows9075d ago

I had just finished the main game again. Platinumed it actually. Decided to postpone the rest of the dlc until after the patch...but may be busy when it releases. Still got calisto protocol and God of war to play around that time.

autobotdan75d ago

Gonna download on my series x

StarkR3ality75d ago

The fact you get so many downvotes for that is pathetic, play it on any platform you want, enjoy the game regardless of the Platform.

Gamingsince198175d ago

Yeah weird how you missed the guy that said the exact same thing about ps5 and got down votes too, oh look your bias is showing , you better tuck that away fast....

StarkR3ality75d ago

Goes same for both consoles you loser, I don't care where people play their games. However I will say the ratio is clearly worse on said comment rather than the PS5 one.

S2Killinit75d ago

First complains about some sort of difference about fan bases (yeah not idiotic at all)

Then proceeds to call the guy “loser”

You sure proved your point. 🤦

deleted75d ago

@StarkR3ality I was with you if you had simply said, "Goes same for both consoles, I don't care where people play their games."

However you threw in the "loser" and a pointless, obviously targeted comparison.. the PS5 comment being 19 up 15 down atm, and XBox comment being 33 up 17 down atm. If anything, XBox had a better ratio. You became the childishness that you claim to hate.

So let's just leave it at "Goes same for both consoles, I don't care where people play their games."

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Shane Kim75d ago

The ratio is actually pretty equal.

Gamingsince198175d ago (Edited 75d ago )

It was when they said it too, they just skipped the ps5 one because reasons, I know this because I replied a few minutes after they posted the comment, and it was pretty much equal then give or take 2 downvotes

CR7JUVE189775d ago

Shit. I don't even remember what system I have it on

P_Bomb75d ago

It’ll be an early Xmas surprise, heh. I have it on two, which begs the question on whether saves and trophy/cheevo progress carry over.

Jin_Sakai75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Same here. Just checked and I have it on PlayStation. Downloading it now in preparation for the next gen patch.

Lexreborn275d ago

I got this physically on Xbox and digitally on ps4 and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to play this version like I haven’t played the other 2

Lexreborn275d ago

Pretty sure it’s not when I own the game. If anything I loss money spent

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