1UP: Fallout 3 Afterthoughts

Fallout 3 paints a huge, bleak portrait of our nation's capital, yet despite such an obscenely depressing setting, players pressed on to make sense of postnuclear Washington, D.C. It helps a lot that Bethesda, per its Elder Scrolls titles (most notably Morrowind and Oblivion), populates the world with tons of content, whether it's quests or items or characters making do with a small shack by the irradiated Potomac. Since this game's got so much going on, a whole bunch of questions popped up during 1UP's playthroughs, so they decided to hit up Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo for some answers. Be warned -- this is spoilerific stuff, so don't read this until you've finished the game!

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Cwalat3579d ago

for me... Fallout 3 was rushed....

lack of detail and polish in the final product is just laughable.

but how well the game in general is.. well.. great.. but not that great.

TheIneffableBob3579d ago

Yeah, the parts near the end were just terrible.

Kratos Spartan3579d ago

Loved it, and now to another game. Hopefully some form of expansion in the near future for a replay.

3579d ago
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