Cyberpunk 2077: how the FSR2 upgrade improves visual quality - Digital Foundry

Overall FSR2 is a net win for all new consoles, intelligently picking out the details we want enhanced, while also addressing issues with the image, like ghosting on movement and the flickering on hair. There's more stability, fewer distractions, and a greater push for detail at range.

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DarthZoolu76d ago

I would be a lot more interested in this if we got more frames in ray tracing mode but these visual differences are the kind that you have to look for and will not notice well playing the game for the most part

ZeekQuattro76d ago

I'll just stick with performance mode. Ray tracing is not something I care about. Especially not at the cost of performance. I can live without certain particle effects or better reflections.

Aussiesummer76d ago

they definitely need to use this to get more frames in raytracing mode, hopefully that's what they're aiming for but with cdpr im not holding my breath.