Modern Warfare 2's Record Breaking Launch Proves PlayStation Has Nothing to Worry About

The recently released Modern Warfare 2 has been an enormous financial success, easing PlayStation's worries about potentially losing the franchise.

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Babadook776d ago (Edited 76d ago )

“Considering this massive level of success, many industry concerns surrounding the future of the franchise have surely been laid to rest, especially from the view of Sony and PlayStation.”

Actually, this just shows how massive the loss of this key franchise would be to PlayStation owners.

Army_of_Darkness76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Evidently, it will be Activision that will lose massive profits if they were to go exclusive on Xbox platforms only. Now bare in mind, Ps gamers purchase the actual game for the full $80, while Xbox gamers get it on gamepass...

Kaii76d ago

I'd rather they spent the "exclusive content" money elsewhere, and start investing In shooter ip's or knockout Killzone because I was late to the Killzone train from the 360 era and I've heard that games MP slaps.

darren_poolies76d ago

Killzone 2 & 3 multiplayer absolutley slapped. As did all three of the Resistence games. Its been too long since we've had an exclusive FPS from Sony.

Welshy76d ago

How does a franchise being massively successful on their platform make them feel better about potentially losing it?

If the game absolutely bombed and some theoretical Sony made FPS outsold it 5:1 then I think they'd feel better but that's not the case. The article has got this completely the wrong way around, it just 100% proves what a huge game they could be missing out on soon.

76d ago
Stanjara76d ago

This just shows how much will they lose.

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