Radeon X2800XTX will work at 750MHz/2200MHz.

THE RADEON X2800XTX will work at 750MHz core clock and the GDDR 4 memory is clocked at 2200MHz. This is how the R600XTX will be known from now on. As always, these clocks are close to final but ATI can still change them till the launch date sometime in March.

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Antan4900d ago

Man this is seriously fast!! 1gig!!! 750mhz core!!! 2.2mhz mem!!! let the good times roll and the bank balance dwindle!

Papz28w84900d ago

i was about to jump in the Dx10 era with the 8800GTS, but ill wait for some Nvidia vs ATI benchmarks cuz i think Nvidia will have some serious competition with this new RADEON serie.

Antan4900d ago

Well i think Ati will take this round but Nvidia are planning to trump Ati with updated 8800 ranges.

Balance4900d ago

price is a concern also, if you can get 2 8800s in SLI for around the same price as one of these cards, sli is the way to go.

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