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Japan - PSP sales surge thanks to Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Square Enix proves once again just how much of a power player it is in the industry. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is currently the top-selling game in Japan, causing PSP sales to get pumped up even higher than the Wii's. Squeenix pulled off the same feat with the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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Darkseider3855d ago

Something other than the DS outsold the Wii!? Quick mark this on a calendar somewhere!

shysun3855d ago

The PSP has done it before.... but not for long

peedie163855d ago

the PSP and the DS outsell the wii alot in Japan i personally think HD gaming in Japan is DEAD

SiLeNt KNighT3855d ago

what charts show those stats?????

SiLeNt KNighT3855d ago

this proves it. the psp is doooooomed!

ultimolu3855d ago

I bought a PSP for Christmas so I'm definitely not missing out. =3

Danja3855d ago

what games did you buy with it ?

Darkseider3855d ago

FF VII, GoW:CoO, Patapon, Loco Roco, Twisted Metal, Killzone Liberation, GTA, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo, Untold Legends (either one), MGS: Portable Ops. Get those for starters! ;)

ultimolu3855d ago

I got Patapon and FFVII Crisis Core so far. Will be getting God of War and a few others.

Lol, two disagrees for saying I got a PSP? o_o

Danja3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

can't forget Syphon Filter : Dark Mirror... and Jeanne D'arc

alster233855d ago

along with dissidia i would also suggest ushiro, ffa13,3rd birthday, and resistance retribution whne they release

kewlkat0073855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

You know Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a Squeenix game right? Oh I see you already got "FFVII Crisis Core" another Squeenix game...

I've seen so much Squeenix flip flopers..

Hate Squeenix because it went multi but like the little love they give PSP...which is helping push some hardware.

I see were hating on the DS now down Keep it up it won't stop the DS sales.

I got both by the way.

ultimolu3855d ago

kewlkat, I don't like the direction Square-Enix is going but does that stop me from enjoying their games?


Do I have to protest their games as well?

Please, stop picking on me. It's annoying.

Narutone663855d ago

it's lots of fun. If you can find Burnout Legend and Burnout Dominator, buy it too if you like those kind of games.

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SpenserTracy3855d ago

I really hope that people will stop buying the DSlite. It is a crap. I bought 2 for my daughters and both got broken at the hinges on the right side by the lights. Result is that they tried to play anyway and the sharp edges of the other hinge cut into the screen cable on both my DS. It is very hard to fix and expensive to. I bought a PSP and it is built to last. I will never ever buy a DSlite again. The PSP is also more powerful with better graphics and a real os and wireless system.
They love it and it is better to hold. Touchscreen would have been nice but it is not neccesary.

Darkseider3855d ago

OK so I ain't the only one with this problem? Two DS and one DS lite and the hinges on the right side have broken on all of them. The units are still playable but I am glad to know it isn't just me or for that matter my kids that keep busting these things. As for the PSP I have 2 in the house an original launch unit and a PSP-2000 which is my daughters. Both are still working great with the PSP-1000 needing only a new battery a few months ago because of reduced battery life.

SpenserTracy3855d ago

Tried to fix it myself but I cannot glue it together, have to buy 2 new bezels or cases, 2 topscreens (cable is not sold separately), a soldering iron and a Tri-wing screwdriver. I have opened it and it is a very idiotic construction with these special screws and other crap. But I will fix it, to darned expensive to just throw away.

Skerj3855d ago

Why do you need to buy a soldering iron? The top screen's ribbon slides into a slot, Deal Extreme is the place to go for everything though. I bought my DS shells and Tri Wing driver for dirt cheap.

SpenserTracy3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I think you have to solder the speaker cables to the screen cable.
I will definetly take a look at Deal Extreme (thanks for the tip), but in Sweden it is hard to find cheap screens and cases, the cheapest screens and cases cost 200 SKR per unit. Maby I have still to find the right store.

By the way, thanks for the support, my bubbles are full so I cannot reply again. Happy new Year.

Skerj3855d ago

Ahh the speakers, yeah I forgot about those. Maybe DX will be able to help you out, they have international shipping. The top screen assembly is here:

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