Another Anti-PS3 Argument Dies

The arguments leveled against Sony's PlayStation 3 when it first launched in late 2006 were both numerous and legitimate. Lack of software - a common refrain at the start of every new generation - led the charge, but the price tag concern wasn't too far behind.

Then, not much later, we started to see the unfortunate trend of piss-poor 360-to-PS3 ports. The reason for this was simple: developers weren't used to the PS3's complex new architecture and in stark contrast, they had a firm grasp of the year-old Xbox 360. Therefore, we end up with inferior PS3 versions of games like The Orange Box and F.E.A.R., among others. It wasn't long before this caught on and the mainstream buying public would issue two arguments- 1. the PS3 has no games (which we've already laid to rest), and 2. the PS3 version is always worse than the 360 version. Yep, it's time to drop the hammer on that latter argument, too, because it hasn't been true for most of 2008 and won't be true ever again in the future. In fact, many third-party developers are using the PS3 as the lead platform in the software production process, and if they're not, they're at least developing a project simultaneously for the PS3 and 360. We see examples of this at every turn, and for the biggest multi-platform releases of 2008, it's clear that things have changed.

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Darkseider3583d ago

A positive PS3 article? My feet are getting cold... Hell must be freezing over.

DavidMacDougall3583d ago

Yeah this site has fell to f**k with all the anti ps3 BS

JBaby3433583d ago

A few weeks ago there were tons of positive PS3 articles especially regarding KZ2. The last 2 weeks there has been doom and gloom. It will swing the other way again and so on and so forth.

Maddens Raiders3583d ago

know that PS3 games just look better. This is its #1 argument above all else -- and it works.

Arguments against the PS3 are as funny as arguments were against Obama during the campaigns. w e l c o m e c h a n g e

jadenkorri3583d ago

its nice seeing good articles for a change, but im sure ps3/bluray failing is on the rise...theres a shark circling, it will bite soon enough...ive been bitten already, my ps3 last night shuts down every 2-3 mins...i think its the fans as there is no noise...i can't even doa backup, so i ive spend that last night making individual backups of my device, still not done, so im debating on whether to incur the cost for repair or buy a new...

prowiew3582d ago

The sad thing is that positive ps3 articles always come from blogs or hardcore games websites. And the negatives ones comes from mainstream media.

Agent VX3582d ago

I think we all knew after a time, that this argument of "no games" for the PS3 would eventually die.

But as the article goes on, it just gets plain dumb. He states that every multiplat released right now and further on will be at least the same or better on the PS3. How bloody stupid does he think everyone is.

First of all, I expect some 360 multiplats to look better, worse and almost the same. The same goes for the PS3. What he fails to mention is the online aspect, in which most cases will be better on the 360 version. Games like LBP with "user downloadable content" will always be better than the 360 version unless MS changes their policy.

He has waaayyy too much "hope" for the supposed untapped power of the PS3, which does have some merit, but there is also lots of weaker aspects of the PS3 to the 360.

This article has a bunch of half truths mixed with just outright foolishness and lies.

Either way, I suspect that most multiplats released from now on will be much closer in quality on each system from that of the past. Both systems will have great games, but this article from a biased PS3 site shows its true colors and makes claims that the author has no proof of.

thebudgetgamer3582d ago

better im not really interested in. i just dont want games that are broken. so a little more a little less doesnt bother me.


LeonSKennedy4Life3582d ago

Please don't compare the two.

Arguments against Obama are usually quite truthful. I live in Illinois and I know the crap he was involved in while he ran this place. Obama won because black people wanted him in office, despite the fact that he's done nothing to better the race.

Don't bring politics into this. Intelligence is not on your side.

DaTruth3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Obama won because the competition was a bunch of jerk offs who screwed up the country and its reputation. Even Canadians don't like America and we make a ton of money from America; You have to be a real a$$hole for people to make money off you and still hate you.

Oh, I'm sure George Bush did a lot to better his race.

blackpanther253582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Black people need to better themselves. One man can't do everything. It is up to every black person to educate the ignorant or younger ones. But things like BET and ect. doesn't help.

But yeah i agree with you it's not good to bring politics to a gaming website

EDIT: yeah i agree with you on that commit DA Truth.

Sevir043582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

And only 11% percent of those "BLACKS" had the privilege to vote. There is No WAY Blacks alone (even with the rest of the other minorities because even those 50% of the other Minorities weren't registered voters) in the states could have made OBAMA Win.

Obama won because His predecessors in the Bush admin F***ed the Economy up spending way too much money on War. Thats the reason we are all in this Sh*t now, Thats why even people who were republicans Voted for Obama because they were tired of the same old from bush, and his Biggest supporter Mc.Cain who seek to do nothing but continue in his legacy, People aren't stupid, 8 years of the same sh*t, destroying the economy and not giving US tax payers our breaks while they take our money and use it to fun wars wont fly for an aditional 4-8 years more with Mc.Cain's admin.. Sorry but don't put this all on Blacks, thats, highly offensive and very ill informed. I can tell you of several black community's in Georgia and Florida that voted against Obama.

You basically sound like a Racist, ignorant bastard thats pissed. Blame Bush and his admin and their piss poor leadership, and choices that dragged this great nation down to the dirt. and why we had to go For a "BLACK" president for hope.

He ain't perfect, but he sure as hell is better than Bush and Mc.Cain.

Thanks for showing your true colors today.

But you are right though Politics and games shouldn't be compared. So I agree with you on that and that alone

Maddens Raiders3582d ago

You've been on my friends list since launch day of the PS3 and it saddens me that I should even have to think to myself that I may have to delete you for those insensitive, racist, asinine, and unintelligent comments that came from you -- not to mention that you think intelligence is not on my side in any argument.

Man, intelligence is (((always))) on my side. 8D :(

BWS19823582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Maddens and Sevir, I have no clue where "intelligence" even entered Leon's post, so I'm not sure why he has the authority to state whose side it would be on.

Wow Leon, just wow, I live in Illinois too, and still, just wow, you don't research much, do you....


On point...I think an article like the one we're in could have easily been written 10 months ago. That is all.

JBaby3433582d ago

Wallstreet, banks, and people taking loans they couldn't afford are what got the economy so low, not the war. The effects from the war will come a little later. Right now we're feeling the effects of poor business decisions which can actually be traced back to Clinton in '99 just before Bush took office.

I'm probably one of the few that didn't like McCain or Obama. I didn't want the "same thing" for 4 to 8 more years and it takes more than someone being a minority to make me vote for them unlike seemingly everyone else in this country.

However can we please keep politics out of gaming as much as possible. Politics sucks no matter what and will taint everything it touches.

Armyless3582d ago

Maddens Raiders has been a friend and confidant on N4G and PSN for years now, and while we can disagree on the particulars of political persuasion, I have to admit that in a time of economic uncertainty, and understanding that economics is driven by "perception", the single most powerful influence we can have as an incoming president is a unifying hope standard bearer like Mr. Obama.

power of Green 3582d ago

You must mean real PS3 news because this site has been flooded with pro Sony fud sence mid 2007 lol.

Legion3582d ago

"PS3 versions of multiplatform games are almost never significantly inferior anymore..."

And that was posative??? So does that mean they are inferior just ALMOST never SIGNIFICANTLY inferior??? I would hate to see a negative article from a playstation site. lol

JasonPC360PS3Wii3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )


majorsuave3582d ago

"Inferior PS3 versions of games like The Orange Box and F.E.A.R"

This point, while true, is not entirely valid because both games were
A) developed first on PC (not 360 ports)
B) both ported by a different studio than the one developing the main PC game (though FEAR was ported to 360 and PS3 by the same people).

Good news: the next project by ValvE should be developped for PC, 360 AND PS3 alll 'In House'.

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DavidMacDougall3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Lame: (6 minutes ago)
Reported by: ThePoorman
Lame: (10 minutes ago)
Not news
Reported by: Elven6
Lame: (27 minutes ago)
Spam, Lame... whatever you want to call it, this is NOT news.
Reported by: kevco33

ultimolu3583d ago

It must be negative PS3 news or it's not valid.

Keele3583d ago

As soon as it's something nice about the xbox360 you get that and more.

ultimolu3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Tell me who reports positive 360 news?

I want names.

BLUR: Articles from this site has always been approved. Now all of a sudden it's a blog and shouldn't be approved? Oh noes, but if it was a blog attacking the PS3, it would be news!

BLUR1113583d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

This is not news. it sounds more like a ps3 fanboy blog to me

EDIT: this is more of a fanboy war website now ultimolu, so I guess it just go's both ways then

and screw your troll ass sony defence force disagrees. it doesn't matter to me, I have been on this site long enough to know that you people have no real logic. That's why this site is so one sided now you people are just so retarded!

you kids spend more time on the forums then play the video games... so sad.

Sonyfanclubpresident3582d ago

I would agree with you 100%,
but being the Sony prez,
I have to blindly disagree with your accurate statement.

N4G is PS3 land......our land.
Get out or we will pop the rest of your bubbles.

BLUR1113582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

yea before I made that comment I had 8 bubbles now I have 3
.. damn pathetic losers

bunbun7773582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I'm a pretty logical dude. This is what you said,

"I have been on this site long enough to know that you people have no real logic. That's why this site is so one sided now you people are just so retarded!"

Soooo, because you have been on the site for a while, you have come to realize it is one sided, and this reason is that the majority of the people on this site are pro-PS3 and are retarded, not for loving the PS3 but because they are so one sided.

I'm sorry, I tried, but your logic train derailed.

How do I know you are not one sided? Or not-retarded? Answer me this, and I will tell you that if i get a retard to post how awesome (x) console is-- does the console become less awesome because a real retard posted on it- or are they retarded because they can't see the logical, dual sided argument?

What was your argument again? That you didn't care that everyone is taking your bubbles and acting retarded?

Or that people on here are one sided retards?

But just to say one last thing, when you qualify an earlier statement by saying "that's why..." you are making a logical inference. Or attempting to.

Sorry- one last thing-- I'm at work, so I can;t play games, and yes I know this isnt work-- but when you kick butt and make money, your employers give a little leeway.....(aw crap is that my boss? alt tab!)

Oner3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Here is all the proof that shows the REAL truth about how things get reported around here.
LBP & R2 Total Sales (using VGChartz) shown in a good light gets reported 27 times and 90% of them are known to be biased posters

News Story proof link ~

Direct Report proof link ~
Whereas AMERICAN sales (using VGChartz) which show the PS3 in a bad light only gets reported 2 times (1 by me mind you)

News Story proof link ~

Direct Report proof link ~
Let it be known that I don't go by VGChartz #'s, this is just a factual example of what has happened of which I find funny in that how BOTH news reports use VGChartz but when it shows the 360 in a good way it is okay and not reported as much but when it shows the PS3 in a good way it gets reported 10x over!

That is the REAL truth and shows that there are not REAL gamers who browse this site. Only biased, misinformed, immature followers of what is "the cool thing to do" now...instead of looking at things objectively and with an open mind.

Oner3582d ago

Oh I almost forgot....those who disagree just make my point even stronger. Thank You.

Kill Crow3582d ago

all you fony droids ... You all hate VGcharts until it has positve PS3 news and suddenly they're the bees knees ... that goes for anyone and everything ...

Along comes a Play station web site saying things are good for Play station and suddenly this opinion is news ...

Oner, you show'd them !!!

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Raoh3583d ago

With all the anti ps3 articles the same amount of pro ps3 articles need to be approved.

if this is not news then all previous blog/forum anti articles need to be removed.

arika3583d ago

just because this article is a pro ps3 news it is now called lame by some people. wtf! just look back at all the anti ps3 articles here on n4g, and you will see a lot more lamer stuff than this one.

lokiroo4203583d ago

Yeah you dont even have to go past front page and you will see at least 4. It must really hurt to see ps3 being the one developed for first, many a box are shaking in their boots, will the box now be exposed when the ps3 is optimized for mulitplats?

ultimolu3583d ago

It's not spam when its bashing the PS3 to death. But when it's remotely positive, the report buttons are slammed.

Red alert, red alert, positive PS3 news. Activate report button...

thebudgetgamer3583d ago

but when a 360 f--- b-- changes headlines on story and the preview section of it its legit?


Oner3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

100% True. And when someone posts an article depicting N4G's wrong information it gets the Title & Body changed to something that only confuses the situation worse...I should know, they did it to me the other day ~

EVERYTHING was changed from the title to the body. NOTHING is what it was. All because it showed that all the misinformation came from N4G. Amazing isn't it...

Edit: Now lets see how many bubbles get "removed", 1 I could see from "certain types" but anymore than that is some other doing...

Mr PS33583d ago

And so does another Xbox !!!
Happy New RRoD BoTs

dukadork3582d ago

but 360s keep on dying, it's just the normal outcome
btw, most xbots i know are at least on their 2nd *bought* console
great business strategy M$!

bubble for ya