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Matt Wrote: "Star Ocean: The Divine Force did not blow me away and send me into space like a similar JRPG Tales of arise did. The English dubbing is a significant put-off, so the game must be played in Japanese Voice-acting and subtitles, in my opinion. It felt like another generic PS4 JRPG rather than a step forward in the genre, especially on the PS5"

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shinoff218389d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Before I read the review uggghhh. Id like to point out id put a check on tales of arise having a way higher of a budget so theres that. I like tales but they sometimes bore at points in them me but i push through. I will say I havent played arise yet. I enjoy star ocean games but im also into sci fi so thats a big plus to me.

Reading the rest of it it seemed like you just got to caught up that it didnt look next gen enough for you. I personally like the look and prefer this look much more then say persona 5. Its just opinions in the end

Dixiedevil87d ago

The only people who would think this game is a 5 is people that spend most of their gaming time playing Madden and COD. A fair review score from someone that likes JRPGs would give it at least a 7.5. I loved it. Great story and characters. After finishing it last week, I can easily say 8.5