Ve3tro: Gears 2: Combustible Map Pack Impressions

Gears of War 2 was just released couple months prior but already it's first map pack has been released. The Combustible Map Pack features three new maps for the game. They each center on an aspect of Imulsion, the fuel source in the world of Sera. Additionally the maps support many of the existing game modes including Horde.

All of the maps are well laid out and work well from a game-play standpoint. Both Fuel Station and Flood include aspects that create an environment that can morph throughout the match. Epic has been doing this with a number of environments found within its original maps such as Hail or Avalanche.

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DragonWarrior465343796d ago

But was far from being worth 800 microsoft points. I cant believe I let Epic rip me off like this. I wont buy another Epic game again.

Mr PS33796d ago

Self combust
just like the xbox