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Looks like Iran WONT be joining the ESRB. This rumor has been put to rest by a spokesman of the ESRB himself...

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bgrundman3796d ago

Well I am glad that this rumor has finally been stopped. It was a crazy idea to begin with.

bgrundman3796d ago

Why would anyone believe that Iran would be allowed to enter an entirely North American governing body to begin with?

CrAppleton3796d ago

LOL.. very true.. Kind of funny that this rumor got as far as it did

bgrundman3796d ago

No Kidding, not to mention how long it took to get an actual response from the ESRB. It was a bit ridiculous to be sure.

The_EE_God3796d ago

was the ESRB a government body?!

bgrundman3796d ago

What do you think the Rating system in Iran would be like?

The Killer3796d ago

so i dont think they will have any rating and if they did it will be like K= under 10 T= under 16 and A= above 16, islam consider a male that had his first sexual dream as an adult which usually comes at an age of 16.

GiantEnemyLobster3796d ago

Rated T for Terrorist
Rated M for Muslim
Rated E for Enriching Uranium to create nuclear bombs

roblef3796d ago

and WHY was this a rumor?

bgrundman3796d ago

Because it was reporting that they were going to be joining the membership of the ESRB, late last week. It was even reporting in Iranian newspapers.

roblef3796d ago

I guess I didn't realize that joining a video game rating system was such a big deal. i mean, don't governments have other things to do?

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