Five Games That Will Define Survival Horror In 2023

These five (actually, six) great new games should scare people silly in the new year.

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LordoftheCritics76d ago

Sounds like premature e.....

Let the games speak for themselves.

Army_of_Darkness76d ago

Well, dead space and RE4 is a given... The rest, I'd agree, absolutely Premature co.. Conclusions you pervs. 😁

LordoftheCritics76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Dead Space and RE4 are pretty to look at.

Define? Big claim.

Maybe they feel like repeats with prettier graphics, who knows.

SurgicalMenace76d ago

Yess!! Pessimism, got love you some pessimism. Just the way it drips with dreams unrealized and deep depression has a way of finding that soft spot in your heart attack. Optimism is so overrated when you have an option to just see failure in everything. What a glorious age to live in!!

giovonni76d ago

That Alan Wake 2 is what I want.

NapalmSanctuary76d ago

If RE4 and Dead space turn out to be survival horror. The original games for both were action horror, not survival horror. Killer Klowns is as much survival horror as CoD is a survival military shooter (it's not).