Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Campaign Review - Storymode Done Right | Terminal Gamer

TG writes: Developer Infinity Ward has released a rebuilt and revamped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II upon the masses. Is the game worth your time, or should this one be left to die on the battlefield?

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z2g79d ago

just finished it myself a few days ago. i thought it was really good and even refreshing. some missions i liked more than others (i don't hate but don't particularly love the stealth parts) but even with that i really appreciated how much the gameplay switched up and how much variety there was. it wasn't just shooting at enemies the whole time. graphically it looks great too (played on series x) and the voice acting is high quality. The story does enough to move the game along - its not an entirely original or groundbreaking, but it doesn't really need to be.