A $4.99 Third-Party Interactive Map for Cyberpunk 2077 Has GoG Users in a Frenzy

Half-Glass Gaming's Julian Watkins writes: "For $4.99, you can buy access to a third-party website's online-only Google Maps-style 3D interactive map of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City. To be honest, the features list seemed pretty cool at first, but then I stumbled into the online drama that surrounds this app."

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just_looken79d ago

sense 2021 this has been on there but sells well

I do not like it but hey i also did not give activison my real cell phone number that has 2 factor authentications attached to it.

Every game going forward will want your real number now sense we love that and maybe my Social serial number next then all open world game will have the map as a extra $5.

Hey on live service games add data caps like internet providers $10 a month to play it online on there servers but only up to 250mb then charge extra.

warriorcase79d ago

It's a third party app for a game map. Just don't buy it like I assume most wouldn't. Easy