5 Xbox 360 Games for $100 Dollars

Game freaks writes:

"Have a ton of gift cards and don't know what to spend them on? We're here to help you out this holiday season as we look at 5 games that you can get for under $100 dollars (in total). Today we are going to look at five games for the Xbox 360 that you can buy for $100 or less."

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Parappa The Rappa3579d ago

perfect dark zero---was a terrible game.
there are some xbox(v1) originals i would suggest buying at your local gamestop before buying that game. lol.

Covenant3578d ago

I wouldn't say it was terrible, but it WAS a huge disappointment. Very average quality for a game that was supposed to be a major launch title.

Might be worth $20, but it would be better as a rental.

moja3578d ago

I agree. I'd rather finish maxing my characters in 99 Nights.

ghettocheeze3578d ago

I could get all of them at Gamestop for under 50.

DNAgent3578d ago

Well what did you expect? It's not like there are any games for the 360 worth playing. Most people only bought their 360 to play Halo 2 on it.

Covenant3578d ago

You can also find Crackdown, Overlord, Kameo, and Viva Pinata for $20 (or less if used). And don't forget the Orange Box and Fight Night Rd. 3, also $20 ea.

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