Overlord II DLC to be "closer to release"

Eurogamer writes, "Dutch developer Triumph has admitted being a "little too late" with downloadable content for Overlord, and plans to offer extras for the sequel "closer to release".

Creative director Lennart Sas wasn't ready to share specifics, but did suggest there will also be less need to tack on features post-launch, leaving more time for substantial additions like Overlord: Raising Hell, for a game already "a lot prettier" than before..."

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DragonWarrior465343583d ago

Secondly, they are talking about dlc for the second one before its even out? Im sorry but Im not even gonna bother with this game if thats the case. At the most I would have rented it anyways, but now its not even in my worth checking out list. Triumph needs to make a better game then this crap if they think they could survive in a world of all the ps3 and 360's AAA titles. Meh.

ThePoorman3583d ago

Have to somewhat agree. I thought the first game was fun, but why not focus on making a second one even better before worrying about your DLC. The less resources on the actual base-game means more potential for 'lameness'.

devilhunterx3582d ago

uh why not put that DLC IN THE GAME BEFORE IT SHIPS? eh?

Pebz3582d ago

Day 1 DLC will be the new trend, just you wait.

OGharryjoysticks3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Possibly what they have planned wouldn't fit on a standard DVD and instead of alienating all 360 owners with the offering of less content they choose to hose the PS3 owners making the release between platforms equal and try to make an extra buck at the same time?

Pebz3582d ago

A possible, but unlikely scenario.

Had they just made the game identical on both platforms and not mentioned DLC, no one would know something was missing and thus feel "alienated".

DLC is far more a business model than a fan service, and unless it's free, I'm afraid the inequality behind it is simple: money > fans.