Amazon Relaunches Buy 2, Get 1 Free Game Sale; Features Recently Released Games

Daily Video Game writes: "Amazon has just re-launched its buy 2, get free game sale! The deals from the recent Amazon 's buy 2, get free game sale were temporarily removed, but they are now back in full force, featuring a wide variety of titles on sale for buy 2, get 1 free across multiple gaming platforms!"

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Crows9088d ago

Cod and ragnarok would be great

IanTH88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Decent selection, but just be wary of higher pricing on older titles. New titles like M+R:SoH is a safe choice, knowing it wouldn't have enough time to have been cheaper in the past (plus Nintendo having notoriously tame sales).

But there are plenty of titles I've seen in these collections where they took a game that has been on perpetual sale & bumped its price back up to MSRP for inclusion in these sales, which ends up making the overall deal roughly the same at best, or actually cost more at worst.

Asplundh88d ago

M+R won't hold its price long. The 1st dropped price pretty quick, it's not a Nintendo game it's Ubisoft.

IanTH88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Fair point to the fact it isn't a Nintendo title specifically, so I shouldn't have included that parenthetical. That's all people seemed to glom on to here lol. It's still a valid choice given it is a new release, so if you want it now that does make sense for saving money given it hasn't had a chance to be cheaper either in the recent past, or on another site. There are plenty of other titles where that isn't the case.

ZeekQuattro88d ago

Kingdom Battle was less than $30 a month or so into it's release. I don't see Sparks of Hope being any different.

IanTH88d ago

I was just talking about what the pricing was like right now. Obviously you can wait, should you wish, but if you want it right now, it is a viable title in the list which you know goes towards a good deal. A lot of other titles, this isn't true for.

Asplundh88d ago

Oh definitely, it's one of the better choices. I would jump on it myself had there been 2 more games similarly priced that I was interested in.

phoenixwing87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Of course I read about this sale after spending my money today on video games separately lol