PS3: Sony's First-Person Foot-Shooter

"What has become of the Sony known for its technology," Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister and former Sony employee Akira Amari asked in October 2006. "I hope it will solve its problems soon to quickly recover its brand image reputed for technological prowess."

If Amari can recall when that was Sony's image, he has a good memory. Because Sony (SNE) lost its dominant position in consumer electronics to rivals in Japan, South Korea and the U.S. long ago and has yet to regain it.

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rucky3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Just goes to show how uneducated and stupid the people writing these articles are.

Expy3800d ago

Also shows how easily people are driven to buy stuff that they will most likely not be using for a long time.

There is value, and there is cheap; people can't find the balance between the two which is sad.

ultimolu3800d ago

I agree Expy.
Tis' a shame indeed.

These articles...idk what to say about them anymore. They would make even a grown man cry.

Funky Town_TX3800d ago

Is an opinion not a fact. Need is the only fact. No one needs gaming.

BleuStreeks3800d ago

Rucky and expy...two of the best comments I heard today. bubbles for you.

ChampIDC3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Well, it's true that selling the $399 PS3 to a casual gamer is a heck of a lot harder than selling a Wii, the casual gamer's best friend, for $150 cheaper. Not really the writer being stupid. It's just a sad truth of what gaming is slowly turning into due to the mass emergence of casual gaming. Any hardcore gamer (pretty much everyone here) would spend that $150 extra and get the PS3 or 360 elite.

And also, there's way too many of these articles floating around. Do journalists think it's a good idea to just say the same thing as the next guy or what?

Captain Tuttle3800d ago

Good post Funky Town. Have a bubble.

Jamaicangmr3800d ago

"No one needs gaming" BLASPHEMY

BulletToothtony3800d ago

i can't believe that just because the ps3 didn't sell 200,000 more units in the month of november the internet exploded with crap about the ps3 is doomed... goodness.. it did great all year long with great games.. and now is dead.. wth

I'm tired of this crap on n4g.. is news for gamers not crappy blog opinions for gamers.. i wish there was a better modding in this site.. 60% of news here are opinions.. sucks..

thewhoopimen3800d ago

I agree that these articles are somewhat retarded. Whoever writes them must be so narrow sighted that they practically believe SCE's only product line is the PS3. What about ps2 and psp sales? Even in the US, Sony pushed about 600,0000+ for the month with all three gaming products combined. That is absolutely nothing to scoff about and shows a company live and doing really well O_o

Tempist3800d ago

The Fact that people are still buying the $400 PS3 and the $60-70 games to go with it shows there's still a viable market for the PS3 and that ever so important installbase is growing.

Remeber that with the Wii console sales don't always equate to games being sold as well, hell if anything the Wii has been poison to some developers given the 'shovelware' out on the market for it.

y0haN3800d ago

Exactly, I don't see the Wii as a gaming system. It's a toy. The PS3 and Xbox might be losing to it but in terms of fun I have on the system the Wii's the real loser here.

The Killer3800d ago

most people that buy games and console dont even know N4G exist, i think the maximum number of people that visit N4G on a weekly basis is less than a thousand and this number is nothing compare to the millions who bought the consoles!

ps3 still sold more in 2008 than 360 so far, and guys please dont visit the sites that make stupid statements for fueling the war here!

what ever the media says it will only effect 5% of the people who is actually buying consoles and games!!

Legion3800d ago

The article basicly just harps on a comment made back in 2006? Why again is this news worthy? We know PS3 is not doing as good as Sony predicted but this article is rather lame. But don't expect much from the WSJ.

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Spike473800d ago

thats why Nintendo is making so much money, because they are selling a product to idiots that don't know what they're buying. Nintendo wasn't smart with making the wii, this type of marketing has been done since forever,lol.

ChampIDC3800d ago

Who would have ever thought 25 years ago that the majority of gamers would rather flail their arms around like a blooming idiot than sit down and play a quality game? It's sad that casual gaming is starting to take a majority...

jlytle12343800d ago

every wii sold brings closer the end of gaming as we know it. every sales figures that are released pisses me off more and more as i watch casual gamers and children destroy the industry.
the only thing keeping casual gaming from totally taking over is the poor sales of wii games that arent bundled with the system or arent made by nintendo.

ChampIDC3800d ago

Yeah, thank the heavens for poor Wii software support. Good point.

Funky Town_TX3800d ago

How about some post about games/gameplay and vids please. N4G is turning into NPD and a financial analyzing web site.

Dread3800d ago

The name is News for Gamers

I am sorry son, but this is news.

I know lots of the N4G community members, particularly the Sony apologists who defend Sony no matter what (not suggesting u r one by the way), hate this type of news. But the fact is it is news and as a gamer i am interested in the financial health of the companies that feed our gaming needs.

If u do not like it you do not have to read it, much less post.

On the subject, yes this is another negative article for Sony. Which means that 1. the Sony fanboys can ignore it and deny it. (u can regurgitate the Sony Defense Force mantra that MS pays everyone, including CNN and the Wall Street Journal) or 2. you can see this as a wake up call and and support your system of choice were it counts ($$$).

either way, I personally feel that what is behind this is not so much that Sony is doing bad. Because i do not think they are doing bad. but that they are not doing as good as expected. coupled with the arrogance the company reflected when they announced the playstation 3.. you have the recipe for negative news.

I also think that Sony will be fine. so for the Sony Defense Force and sackboys alike, chill.

every company has its turbulent moments.

ChampIDC3800d ago

Right on Dread. Nice to see a logical, unbiased thinker around here. Bubbles buddy.

lokiroo4203800d ago

Dread are you suggesting that a conglomerate like sony can be summarized in a few short unsupported statements that are so obviously just a blind attack? Taking one sales figure and boasting such a claim is not only unprofeesional it is weak and tired just like your little box boy rant. If you want facts than how about the fact that playstation has sold more than the box did in the same time frame, ow about it outselling the box for 10 months until a desperate pricecut was put into place to again take advantage of an ill informed public. Just like this article you have no substance to your own argument and easily try to skew one number to better your own position.

ChampIDC3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

You really don't need to be so defensive of Sony, bud. He really said nothing against them. It's a fact that their console isn't doing as well as expected, but that doesn't really mean its doing poorly. Sony did seem kind of arrogant when their console first came out, but I think they learned their lesson, and look at all the great stuff PS3 owners have gotten this year because of it, both in games and updates. It's here to stay, and the good games are going to keep pumping out into next year. Things will only get better down the road.

lokiroo4203800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

NOt going as well as expected according to who? Can only get better down the road? When was it bad? Its just funny how many people have this negative mindset because they have some preconceived idea about sony and how they would do, and then go and attack with little or nothing behind it. This article and every box boy comment is shallow at best, either construct a thought or dont post ignorant fanboy trash.

@below I wasnt directing anything at you just all the haters.

ChampIDC3800d ago

Please explain how I'm being negative. I'm saying that the PS3 is going fine. It's not doing as well as expected, because it's in last place. Nobody wants to be in last place in the console war, but that doesn't mean it's doing poorly. I really don't want to repeat myself anymore. I say like 8 good things about the PS3, and one slightly negative truth and you have to get all flustered. Sheesh =(

Dread3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

do not kid yourself.

first i did not say anything negative about the Playstation 3.. so you just basically proved my argument about the Sony defense Force being to ..well for lack of a better word "defensive"

secondly PLaystation2 had a75% of the gaming market. I honestly do not know anyone who thought that xbox would be on par with Sony this Gen. I you sincerely are telling me that everyone expected this .. then i respectfully disagree. I think it is amazing (not saying the 360 is amazing so back off sackboys) that MS had gained so much market share this gen.

but do not fret.. at the end it is all good for gamers .. competition is the key to having the best games .. so rejoice we are all gamers at heart regardless of your preferences and in this console war we are all winners :)

and Loki i am not a hater i am a gamer. I am a fan of Sony and MS. I am capable of seeing their strength and weaknesses without fanboy goggles. Thus I can actually enjoy both consoles and not take constructive criticism personally


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goflyakite3800d ago

"Honorable Mentions

Alan Wake and Duke Nukem: Forever- Why the hell not? Neither game is ever going to see the light of day anyway…"

Thought that was funny.

ultimolu3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

...Do they eat, breath, sleep, attack all things PS3 related? One month and the PS3 is a walking time bomb of failure? Yes, the PS3 didn't do amazingly well in November but that doesn't mean it's in flop mode.

*sigh* The stupidity these days. :[

ChampIDC3800d ago

Yeah, the PS3 is here to stay. It's not going to flop no matter what any silly "analyst" says. Console sales can only say so much.

goflyakite3800d ago


I thought I posted this in the cross over article, my bad.

Wrong article.

Godmars2903800d ago

Why is it that the PS3 is questioned in terms of price and technology but the 360 isn't?

Even though MS most advertised SKU the Arcade can't deliver the fully advertised "Xbox Experience" and they've yet to solve the RRoD issue.

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