Home's zero tolerance chat censorship policy criticized

From the article: "We trust the collective PlayStation Home-playing community about as far as we can throw them, but we can't help but agree with a recent San Francisco Chronicle article that criticizes the "game's" ridiculously strict chat censorship policy. The article explores the case of Michael Marsh, who attempted to start a gay/straight alliance club, only to find that the words gay, lesbian and bisexual (all "preferred terms" in the gay community) were being blocked by the profanity filter; a policy Marsh worries could encourage players to think of them as pejorative terms."

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Vip3r3582d ago

It's unwinnable tbh. Someone will find something wrong and whine on about it. Persoanlly, I think it's best to have a good moderating system than have vulgur creep making Home a nightmare for other people minding their own business.

xjoshbx3582d ago

One thing that i did notice that didn't make since to me is... "Christ" is filtered. WTF? Try saying merry christmas to someone. When i get home i'll try and name off a few gods/idols and see which are allowed.

lokiroo4203582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Are these people really defending the right to be able to protest and push their gay rights onto ,for all they know, 10 and 12 year olds? I think it is outrageous that gays feel the need to ask young gamers about their sexual orientation, and if im not mistaken, isnt it illegal to do so? Sony has done the right thing in censoring home as much as they have, political, sexual, or any other cause outside of the gaming community has no place in sony's home, these cry babies need to grow up and take their little pride parades to where it will make a difference.

DragonWarrior465343582d ago

not just with homosexuals, but all the bugs and not being able to chat with people anywhere you want. Home is not even worth using right now. I have a feeling it will be useless for a very long time.

ChampIDC3582d ago

I hope that's not the case DragonWarrior. That would make for many an unhappy Sony fan.

incogneato3582d ago

so these losers criticize Home because they cant start a butt pirate club? there is much more to criticize. how about because the censorship as a whole is retarded and there should be sections for adults who dont need to be baby sat, for starters? or how about returning voice chat and the idiots who dont like it can disable it like theyve always had the option of doing, instead of taking it away from everyone?

gay people are so obnoxious and its obvious joystiq has some gay rights promoting losers in their organization or else they wouldnt bother posting such a retarded article

yesah3582d ago

the hello one is kind of rediculous. especially since its one of the auto words sony put. Since you can read whatever you say, you dont know what censored or not. so you see people going around in home saying ****o and noone knows why. Also you cant say "something", since it contains "meth" i think sony is taking the censorshp a little out of hand. maybe on there own words should be censored but not if its a part of another word.

Hell i need some meth.

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sinncross3582d ago

Yeah well 'Christ' like other words is blasphemous, which is swearing nonetheless for many ppl.

JBaby3433582d ago

Christ is not blasphemy when speaking of Jesus. Only when taken out of context or using the title in vain.

Agent VX3582d ago

I get offended when people use "Christ" as an actual person, and not a fictional made up character from the past.

Regardless if I am offended, that is my problem and other people shouldn't have to curtail their words to accommodate me.

Censorship is a very dangerous road to go down, unless you like the lifestyle of Communist China.

Long Live Free Speech!!!

JBaby3433582d ago

You shouldn't be offended. Jesus was a real person not just found in the Bible but actually documented in Roman records as well including being crucified. If you don't want to believe the Bible it's your choice but it's not debatable that Jesus existed.

I believe in free speech but I also wouldn't want kids on Home exposed to vulgarity, racist comments, and the like. The problem of course becomes apparent with words such as christ which can be used in more than one manner or included in other words such as Christmas.

The best way would be for people to just use good sense and not say things that shouldn't be said in the first place. But that's just wishful thinking.

FTLightspeed3582d ago

I recomend to watch the movie called Zeitgeist, enter their website its free and uploaded on the internet. A huge amount of historians from that period that never even mention Jesus, also Josephus is not a cofiable source make some research. Also tacitus and the other two historians that are mentioned as proofs never wrote the word jesus, thay anly referd to the christ and do not spend to much time speaking about him, so not much relevance. Not even the famous Plutarch writes about Jesus.
If you want to be factual do not confuse religion, base on faith, to science, base on logics and proofs. Religion is not wrong but it is just not based on this things, in can be a useful element to build principles and all that stuff.
Personally i think there is a moment in our maduration that we must reach by our own means what is the right or wrong, by reasoning, expereience, deduction, common sense or whatever. This way you have the absolute confidence and believe in yourself, also you act by the principles forged by living your life.

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kewlkat0073582d ago

I predicted this a while back....

Same sh!t just a different console...imagine if everyone had MICs out the box.

HDgamer3582d ago

Imagine 4 chan on every gaming session.

ChampIDC3582d ago

Yeah, I always wonder if PSN would end up like Live if everyone had a mic. No way to really tell.

dericb113582d ago

We do have a older audience but do not forget the younger people too.
Think about a little kid hearing Fa**ot, Ni**er and all the racist and homo crap. Sony is watching out for future gamers too.

On a side not the first day of public release I go to the Mall and some guy dropped like 10 N words near the chess tables and they was full. Not only did I here it but the people who played chess had to deal with it and it not like the chess tables could be moved.

TIKUP3582d ago

they let you say sh!t and [email protected] and FUK but not christ WTF SONY??

lokiroo4203582d ago

IM not sure about the rest of the world, but in the United States the catholic faith and children need to stay far away from each other.

JBaby3433582d ago

Unfortunately many of the non-biblical aspects of Catholicism push people away from Christ instead of bringing them to Him.

ZombieNinjaPanda3582d ago

This will probably be a good thing, and a bad thing.

Good thing- I won't have to listen to some random ass say the n word a hundred times.

Bad thing- I won't be able to have proper chats with people without seeing stars all the time.

They should use the censor they use on their forums.

Only bleeps out words that are definitively bad.

F*** N***** C***, S*** ect.

When you say a swear word on their forums, a bleep comes up, rather than stars or the word, they should use that system.

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