Scariest Resident Evil Games Ranked

It's the most popular and successful horror franchise in gaming history, but which Resident Evil games are truly scary?

The Resident Evil franchise has been the marquee name in horror gaming since the first title in the series was released for PlayStation way back in 1996. Yet, despite the fact the Resident Evil franchise is the most influential, important, and successful franchise in all of horror gaming, there’s always been a debate about how “scary” the Resident Evil games are.

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HeliosHex80d ago

Agreed resi 7 in vr was Hella scary.
Original resi was scary too because it was new. Never forget nearly jumping out my seat when the dogs came through the window. Or when the hunters were lurking about.

DrDoomer79d ago

Pretty accurate list, actually.

MadLad79d ago

It's definitely 7 and 2 remake nowadays.