HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc Copy Protection Fully Hacked

A hacker by the name of Arnezami has now found the processing key used to decrypt ALL HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies.

It is no longer needed to use an individual encryption key per title, this new crack provides a media key, a processing key and the volume ID that allow any HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc film to be copied.

SlySoft has announced that the hack is working on a spiritual successor to AnyDVD and CloneDVD that will allow the back-up of any HD DVD movie. Even more, the utility will automatically remove messages such as the FBI warning.

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chopsuey2105713d ago

wow that's pretty sad if you spend all your time trying to hack both DVD codes.

Rooted_Dust5713d ago

This guy is going to be a Black Market millionare, if the police don't catch up to him first.

eclipsegryph5713d ago

Yep, that's really something to write home to the parents about.

But I guess some people care more about money than their pride.

eclipsegryph5713d ago

And this is beneficial to consumers and gamers how, precisely? Just what we need, more asshat pirates.

Silver3605713d ago

For all this security scare nothing can be made safe. Just live with the fact nothing is unbreakable. Also there is still another level of security when the HDMI becomes standard

timmyp535713d ago (Edited 5713d ago )

news like this kills the videogame industry. These hacks deserve to go to jail.

Arkham5713d ago

Watch your mouth, fool. Not everyone is a pirate. Some people just respect IPs more than others.

eclipsegryph5713d ago

With a wonderful vocabulary like that, I'm surprised you're not down to a single bubble yet. Here, let me help you. *reports*

bung tickler5713d ago (Edited 5713d ago )

great i say. stupid movie studios putting restrictions on stuff that i BUY. i should be able to do whatever i was with the media after i purchase it. if i want to rip it onto my computer and stream it to my x360 i should be able to. if i have a HDTV that DOESN'T have HDMI i should be able to watch any movie in full resolution regardless of it being an analog signal. if i want to rip a movie and put it on a portable player i should be able to if i BOUGHT the damn thing. i have well over 200 DVD's and about 10 HD-DVD's, all paid for, not stolen and i use these kind of programs all the time to dump media so i can do as i please with it. IT IS MY RIGHT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS. anyone who says otherwise is a fool. DRM is the devil and ONLY hurts legitimate consumers. IT WILL NEVER STOP PIRATES. NEVER.

eclipsegryph5713d ago (Edited 5713d ago )

No, it is not your "right" to perform those tasks you mentioned. It's really quite simple - someone makes something, therefore, they own it, which, quid pro quo, means that THEY set the rules for it, within the law of the land. See how that works? You are but a consumer, and if you think that piracy is somehow justifiable, you are also a stain on humanity. I agree far more with Killer Cop down below than your neurotic diatribe.

LuminousAphid5713d ago

You're an idiot. What he's talking about is not pirating in any way. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be legal to make copies of media if you own it, but people abused that privelage with CD's so now companies have to make it increasingly harder to copy things like that.

A good idea would be to digitally sign movies and require a user to obtain rights to them on their hardware(kind of like the Live marketplace) before they will play. This way copy protection would be a non-issue, because if someone tried to play the disc on a different machine, it wouldn't work (or maybe it would play in SD and not HD). They've been doing this with PC games and CD keys for years (not that it worked a lot of the time; i remember counter-strike would only care if two people in the same game had the same key), so why not movies?

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The story is too old to be commented.