Halo Infinite Dev Reveals More Info on Why Split-Screen Co-Op Was Canceled

A Halo Infinite developer reveals details about why 343 Industries canceled the split-screen co-op that some fans were anticipating.

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isarai83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It already works via glitch, would take so very little to allow legitimate access via menu. Your excuse of

[couldn't commit to getting Halo Infinite split-screen "from an 80% quality to a 100% quality"]

Is such a bs excuse, didnt have an issue launching the game without "100% quality" half the content promised wasnt even there. Plus it doesnt have any issues listed, dont get why you're saying that like people haven't been playing it splitscreen via glitch since launch, we can literally see you're wrong.

ApocalypseShadow83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It's excuses. I have 2 TRILLION reasons why they could have done it. Even 70 billion reasons why they could have done it.

They found enough time for those micro transactions. But not enough time to finish a mode.

SullysCigar83d ago

Be fair though, they only had about 3 times the budget of COD and twice the amount of time...

Seriously though, how does a company that seems to haemorrhage money for fun manage to consistently under perform on their flagship franchise?

This is a basic feature for the series. Fans expect it. It's it's not in there, it's not finished. You don't get to promise something, delay it, then drop it completely and expect that yo be okay. Especially when we can all see it works!

VenomUK83d ago

Reading between the lines it sound like Xbox Series S may be the reason local split screen isn't available.

"343 Industries couldn't commit to getting Halo Infinite split-screen "from an 80% quality to a 100% quality" because the amount of effort required is too hard to gauge. Something that Baron points to as an issue outside the technological ones is the certification Halo Infinite would need to run local co-op for ALL THE PLATFORMS that the game is available on which would present their own challenges as well."

Crows9083d ago


Wow. So that proves it then. Series s does hold back this generation of games for Microsoft.

isarai83d ago

@Venom, except it works fine on the Series S, even on the Xbox One. Check the digital foundry video, it works fine on literally everything 🤷‍♂️

darthv7283d ago

@Venom, that reads as more to do with the VCR Xbox one.

dumahim82d ago


It's been tested on all platforms. It works mostly fine, even on the VCR. It just needs a little polish and bug fixes and put it in the game.

Lightning7782d ago

2 trillion dollar company and notice how Sea Of Thieves, Grounded, State Of decay 2, Horizon 2 and Minecraft are being greatly supported.

Have you ever thought just maybe it's a isolated 343 issue?

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Jin_Sakai83d ago

343i has an excuse for everything. I’m done with this incompetent studio.

Bathyj83d ago

Cos you suck?
Is it because they suck?
I bet it's because they suck.

SullysCigar83d ago

It is, in fact, because they suck.

Eonjay82d ago

This is what happens when you remove risk from game development. There is no motivation. They get a blank check. They don't have to worry about it selling so why be burdened with putting in effort.

Zombieburger63883d ago

Seeing as I paid $60 for just the campaign I expected this to be in the game. 343 what a joke.

SirBruce83d ago

Next time, pay 1$ for Game Pass and save 59$.

Zombieburger63882d ago

Next time? Lmao there won’t be a next time.

anast83d ago

I would be as quiet as a church mouse if I were them.

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