Mad Catz Sees Gears Of War, Next-Gen Accessories Grow Profit

Officials from third party peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz Interactive have announced the company's third quarter results for the period ended December 31st 2006, during which it saw profits increase, despite a drop in sales.

Net sales for the quarter were put at $36.5 million, down 19 percent from a figure of $45.0 million at the same time the previous year. However, the company's profit was $3.7 million, up from a break even figure the previous year. The company's gross profit margin increased from 14.8 percent to a record 28.7 percent.

For the current nine months of the company's financial year net sales were $80.4 million, down by 3.8 percent from the previous year. Profit was $3.0 million, down slightly from $3.3 million during the previous nine months.

The company pointed out its Gears of War themed faceplates, "Console Skinz" and "Console Crates" products as one of the best selling lines during the all important gift buying season. The Arcade GameStick for Xbox 360 and PC was also mentioned as a strong seller, along with the company's initial range of Wii and PlayStation 3 accessories.

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