Final Fantasy XVI Has No Business Abiding By Historical Realism

The series has never been about the real world, so why start now?

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Welshy86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

It may not take place in "reality", but it's clearly inspired by medieval Europe, what's so wrong with that. A "thegamer" flame bait article at it's finest.

To counter the point of the article, why does it have to NOT abide by reality and include modern day culture and sentiments? Can't devs just make what they want to make?

Lightning Mr Bubbles85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

This article started a while back ago, I first read it on Kotaku. This title is actually kind of modest, the original article I read was titled "Final Fantasy XVI Dev Has A Terrible Answer For Why The Game Is So White"

I also just rolled my eyes... I mean the game is based on Medieval Europe. That's how it was back then, they just wanted to focus on making a game not making any political correct statements. This isn't Hollywood, go watch the "Little Mermaid" movie or "The Beauty and the Beast" movie where they have black people walking around the villages and castles dressed in those old fashion garbs just like if they were white, which is totally unrealistic. Those movies don't even stay accurate to the original Animated films.

I mean seriously... Who even thinks of this shit? I watched that trailer a bunch of times and the color of the characters never even came to mind. The people who come up with this stuff must have race on their mind all day. Which kind of tells you who the racists really are.

Snookies1286d ago

What even is this article? Seriously...

H986d ago

Didn't you guys support FFXV being "fantasy based on reality" so it can be for "new fans and veterans alike"?

PapaBop85d ago

I had completely forgot about that god awful line, thanks for reminding me.

talocaca85d ago

It is interesting how the characters can have tails, but making them black would be confusing and distracting.

Aren't there like huge chickens walking around?!

RaiderNation85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

I'd rather just have the artists create their visions than be pressured into checking off diversity boxes for a bunch of virtue signalers. This is a complete and total NON ISSUE that the writer is trying turn into one.

Here's a thought, want more people of color represented in videogames? Then more people of color should go into game development. Because I guarantee you if you had an all black dev studio, you can damn well bet they'd be focused on making videogames based on black characters/culture (as they should and would have every right to) and no journalist would be asking THEM why there aren't any white characters in their game.

The real issue isn't lack of diversity in games. The issue is why aren't more people of color going into game development and/or starting up dev studios. If you fix that, you fix any perceived lack of racial diversity in gaming.

Abnor_Mal85d ago

I understand what you’re saying about more black people need to be in games development and create their own games. If they were to do that there would no doubt be many articles saying why there aren’t any white people in the game. Talk of inclusion would some how now be a topic many feel would be the right way to go. Sales of the game would likely be lower than another similarly made game but with different characters.

Look at the Marvel Black Panther movie when it was first coming out and how many white people claim to be boycotting the movie because they felt there wasn’t any or rather enough white representation.

Look at many games that have black leads and see how they tend to sell less, and many times just picked apart for silly reasons that for any other game would be an non issue.

NapalmSanctuary84d ago


Ain't never heard no white people complain about lack of white representation. I googled it and all I could find was something about black men boycotting BP2 if shuri becomes BP. I don't even know if thats true. Most people in general don't care about representation. They just want good video games and movies.

ChubbyBlade85d ago

You seem very confused. So because the Arthurian tales have dragons, King Arthur can suddenly be black?

Go make a fantasy game based on ancient Africa and make the characters look like modern New York. See what happens.

Star5185d ago

I think YOU'RE confused. Their point is that the lore is fantasy. Thereby, the characters can be any race

ChubbyBlade85d ago


And because it’s just fantasy we can have robot horses shooting pies out of their hooves.

The base medieval Europe. Their vision is a fantasy medieval European inspired world. This is not hard to understand.

a7madRyan85d ago

yah lets change wakanda and make some of the lead characters white or asian, why keep the historical realism in wakanda, it doesnt feel right, i can understand that some minority feel bad in america or in the west in general, but plz dont throw your problems outside your country, asking from a japanese dev to do more to represent more recess when most western games and media dont show a single asian in their work, is crazy, plz start protesting westren games 1st and demand asians to be in everything then attack the east devs

Star5185d ago

Not to be THAT guy, but Wakanda is there's no historical realism

ChubbyBlade85d ago

And FF16 is using a Eurocentric base and sorry, there is historical realism in Wakanda. It’s set in Africa on earth.

a7madRyan85d ago

It’s fiction based on comic books and not all africans are black, north african countries are majority white, but my point was not to change wakanda, the magic of that movie was watching that african culture themes, colors and music

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