Bobby Kotick Pens Letter Regarding Microsoft Acquisition, European Commission Enters Second Phase

Activision boss Bobby Kotick penned a letter where he mentions that the European Commission is now entering its second phase for review this week.

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LucasRuinedChildhood131d ago

This article useful because it gives us Kotick's PR (most articles are missing this) ... but it has no information about the EU Commission's comments, explaining why they even moved to Phase 2.

N4G is a bit too rigid sometimes. Now any article with important information on the EU's decision will likely be blocked by a mod because Kotick mentions that it's happening and downplays it (it's just his side of the story).

Here is more info: https://www.videogameschron...

Deathdeliverer131d ago

His scandalous butt just sees the dollar signs he’s leaving with because he’s leaving the industry for good. He’d be Explaining why going into the dumpster was the best idea if it paid enough.

H9131d ago

This guy reached the stage of nastiness that I don't care what he is saying anymore, whether truth or lies, I just want to never see him again

blue88131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

This isn’t gonna work because cma isn’t stupid they know Activision doesn’t need Microsoft to be super successful. Now I’m starting to think this deal won’t go through Microsoft seem to desperate now.

excaliburps131d ago

Yep. I mean, reading through it, he even mentions how this would help them because others are merging too? Like, something to that effect. It's not like they're the biggest video game publisher around or anything...

MontyeKristo130d ago

Activision-Blizzard are the 6th largest publisher, in terms of revenue.. with Sony in 1st. In fact, Microsoft and AB together, are still behind Sony in terms of revenue.

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