White Knight sells 212K copies first week

PCN writes:

Selling 132K copies the first day, preliminary sales numbers for the week of December 22-28 in Japan are in. White Knight Chronicles leads the pack at 212K copies sold. This establishes White Knight as the best selling Japanese-style RPG this generation thus far, outselling The Last Remnant and Tales of Vesperia, which both sold 106K copies opening week. Further, White Knight's launch is the second largest PS3 launch, following Metal Gear Solid 4 and tying Devil May Cry 4.

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wotta3672d ago

Why am I not surprised by that.

mint royale3672d ago

it reached 10% of ps3 owners if this is true in its first week. The question will it bump up ps3 hardware? Both HD consoles need alot of help in Japan.

gaffyh3672d ago

It's not even for a full week, it's for 3 days cos WKC came out on 25th

gaffyh3672d ago

This is the Kotaku list:

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 476,000 copies
2. Devil May Cry 4 212,000 copies
3. Ryu Ga Gotoku KENZAN! 178,000 copies
4. Shin Sangoku Musou 5 176,000 copies
5. Hot Shots Golf 5 176,000 copies
6. Pro Evo 2009 175,000 copies
7. Gundam Musou 171,000 copies
8. Gundam Musou 2 162,000 copies
9. Pro Evo 2008 145,000 copies
10. White Knight Chronicles 131,000 copies
11. Grand Theft Auto IV 122,000 copies

Meaning WKC is 2nd ATLEAST with the proper figures. Kotaku are seriously retarded.

mint royale3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Mario Kart wii was at 600K week one and smash bros and wii fit should definately be on it.

EDIT: If thats the ps3 list I take it back. Silly me.

ChanDangle3672d ago

That list is pretty complete seeing as it pertains to ps3 titles.

thor3672d ago

Kotaku changed their story to say first day... which was correct... I don't know if those other PS3 figures they listed are first day or week though.

Furthermore I don't see how this can be first week when it released less than a week ago...

gauntletpython3672d ago

though its true its only been out 3 days, those are the first week sales. the industry runs on a sunday to saturday week. so for its first industry week(only 3 days actually), the game sold 212K.

just like gears 2 sold 1.5 million copies its first 'week', even though it was released friday, so it only had 2 days to sell.

n4gzz3672d ago

I just wish this game come to states soon.


Once again kokatu makes them self look stupid... :/ When will it end!!!

thor3672d ago

You're right. But for sake of comparison, it would make more sense to use the first 7 days.

Dir_en_grey3672d ago

Kotaku stole the figures and info from this Japanese blog:

Too bad google translate sux, but those are the first week figures and the blog clearly put "(first day sales)" besides the WKC figures.

At the bottom of the Japanese blog's post clearly commented that the closest game to WKC's First day sale figure was DMC4 at 139k.
Even with crappy google translate, how are you gonna miss that part about "first day figure" when it's mentioned so many times, unless Kotaku purposely omitted that part, which they did.

They do this kind of bullshit all the time and I wish people would stop going to that site and even boost their traffic because they do falsified reports on purpose so people would stay on the site and argue even more; all for the purpose so they will get paid by Kotaku's owner Gawker Media which pays their writers by the number of hits they get on each story.

People really need to realize this and stop going to that site...

Mozilla893672d ago

White Knight Chronicles sells a mere 212K in the first week crushing Sony's hope for success in Japan.

NO_PUDding3672d ago

Or Mozilla, it sells 200,000 in it's first 4 days, rejuvinating hope in huge eclusives such as FFXIII, and VersusXIII, in addition to Yakuza 3 early next year.

Saigon3672d ago

kotaku did change its article after they noticed the mistake, but this article does seem better than what was posted earlier...

TheTwelve3672d ago

Congratulations, Level 5. I can't remember a bad game of theirs...EVER...and they deserve this kind of a splash. May this game sell well with long legs.


Danja3672d ago

well done Level guys deserve all the success

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DragonWarrior465343672d ago

These numbers are japan only sales. Imagine if it released in America. It would have done 500,000 the first day probably.

gaffyh3672d ago

Yeah I know, plus all of the other titles are sequels to known IPs, and it is there first week sales, not first day sales.

ZackFair3672d ago

If a brand new IP can sell this much in so little time, imagine what your blockbuster Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series could do for the console.

You don't need the 360 or the Wii.

TIKUP3672d ago

Cool i cant wait for this to hit the UK........also when is it comng to the UK?? Anyone??

El_Colombiano3672d ago

In a year at best...great sales btw.

dragunrising3672d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. I'm sure it will sell even better in Europe and the N.A. Everyone needs to buy it and pick up Valkaryie Chronicles as well. If anyone is worried about the Famitsu review, don't worry. They really screwed up the Last Remnant review.

LiquifiedArt3672d ago

I'll be picking it up Day 1!! From what I saw played on it looked great.

The Killer3672d ago

i wonder if it had 7 days and the market full of stock what will be the numbers!!

i expect a good sales for this game going to spring. 500k-1M is reachable!

now what am interested in is the effect of the hardware sales of ps3!! i had imagined it will be from 50k-100k but i could be wrong!