Why Sony Has Never Pursued Another Handheld Console Like the PSP or PS Vita

Game Rant Writes "Sony penetrated the portable gaming scene with the PlayStation Portable and PS Vita, but it failed to topple Nintendo's dominance in the market."

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TheEnigma313132d ago

Because mobile took off and it wasn't lucrative for them. Only Nintendo can still make handhelds and succeed. Maybe now we can throw in Steam Deck because it's basically a portable pc.

Number1TailzFan132d ago

Nah the Vita started off fairly strong. The problem was that they stopped support and then it lacked new games.

thecodingart132d ago

100^ this. It was definitely around their overall strategy which needed a hard rethinking. There were also poor hardware choice issues tbh.

TheEnigma313132d ago

What helped killed the Vita was the proprietary storage that was too expensive. I loved the system but that sucked.

Eidolon131d ago

I personally just want an upgraded handheld for ports, I can do without a constant flow of exclusives.

badz149131d ago

the Vita came out at the wrong period. it was during the intense battle between the PS3 and 360 when Sony didn't have the dominance they had during the PS2 era. they had to choose one platform to support and that was a no brainer decision that they had to choose the PS3 over the Vita. by the time they regained their dominance with the PS4, mobile resurgence had happened and Nintendo was already beyond their reach. it was because Nintendo was losing the console market with the Wii U so they put their major focus on the 3DS. So, while Sony had their console dominance by focusing more on the PS4, Nintendo had the handheld dominance by focusing on the 3DS while basically letting the Wii U dry and eventually died.

the 2 markets are too different at the time, thus focusing on both was not sustainable. I am gutted that the Vita didn't get the support it deserves but I can totally understand why it happened and I have enjoyed it while it lasted.

EmperorDalek131d ago

The Vita didn't start off strong, that's why it didn't get great support after launch. It was the overpriced proprietary memory cards that killed it.

Crows90131d ago

I remember this being the problem.

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Crows90131d ago

But nintendo has kinda stopped with the handheld. They have the switch which takes both ideas and meshes them. They currently dont have a dedicated handheld.

TheEnigma313131d ago

Switch is a handheld that can be played on tv.

Crows90131d ago

@The Enigma

So then from your take they've stopped doing main home consoles. Regardless of how you look at it they've combined both features. Pretty slick of them.

Kurt Russell131d ago

Switch light is a dedicated handheld console.

Crows90131d ago


Oh. Yea thats true but its simply a Nintendo switch without the docking power. Completely forgot about that thing since its the same console but inferior in every way.

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Espangerish132d ago

Shame that they won’t try again. Steam deck has equivalent horsepower to a PS4 so Sony could technically actually produce a portable PS4 that runs your PS4 library as well as vita and ps classics. Huge ready to go game library from day one. Would be amazing.

Hofstaderman132d ago

But at what cost to produce? Also people would inevitably want new experiences to play on the new handheld. I think the Steam Deck is a niche product due to its pricing but the fact that it can play pc games and can be used as a very capable emulator is a major selling point. Sony doe not have that caveat in the handheld space and should focus on their consoles. Their strategy as far as handheld gaming is characterised by the release of the cellphone controller and places an emphasis on remote play and streaming.

Profchaos131d ago

People would probably be very happy with a large library of digital PS4 games when you move into custom experiences for the handheld you end up with a ton of spin off games which have a fraction of the budget that the console version sees like need for speed underground rivals comes to mind

IanTH131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I have a Steam Deck, and what you say is true, but I also think you kind of outlined why it wouldn't really work for Sony: existing PS4 libraries.

There would be a ton of people who would just want to play their existing libraries, but not likely buy any - or few - new games for it. That would mean they couldn't price it low with subsidization, so it would be an expensive device. I can't imagine too many people (mass market wise) willing to spend PS5 money for a portable PS4 if given the choice.

But then you've got the issue of people who already own games on disc that would then be unavailable for play on the go unless bought again. I've got a nice PS4 library, but most are discs so I'd have little to play that wouldn't require repurchasing. On Steam, all games I've purchased or redeemed are digital, so there's no issue with accounting for discs.

I think phones have mostly killed the dedicated handheld market, sadly. There's a market for it, but definitely is going to be a harder and harder to convince younger generations to splash out big money with expensive games when they've been accustomed to already having a phone with game prices that are either free, or tend to cost in the $1-5 range.

Iceman100x132d ago

Easy why push another failure when you have the playstation 5?

VanHalen132d ago

Still got my OLED Vita. Awesome little handheld! Started grabbing a few games for it recently. God of war collection on there is pretty sweet.

curtain_swoosh132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

i think ... because its not feasible to do so anymore. we want new things, better things, more resolution, more framerates etc etc.

i think a handheld would hold back the library. especially since ppl already want ps5 native games and leave the ps4 behind.

it worked for Nintendo, because they're always getting a pass when it comes to power and how their games look, but it wouldnt work for ms or sony anymore.

a handheld from sony, would be a step back i think.

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