Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.61 — list of changes

Patch 1.61 for Cyberpunk 2077 is being rolled out and will soon be available on all platforms.

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Tzuno81d ago

list of changes

InUrFoxHole81d ago

🤣. Comment justified and funny

neutralgamer199281d ago

Don't say that don't know there are hardcore cyberpunk and CD project red fanboys. They to give them credit for fixing the game somewhat even though the purposefully released a broken game and hid the footage before the reviews

You know how to tell that developer and a publisher has confidence in their product they will let the journalists play the game and review it a week before it actually comes out. Look at your disagrees

Crows9081d ago

It was broken on consoles yes. PC was a different story. So no. You don't need to be a fan to enjoy the game. The game is currently stable on console and even better than before on PC where it reviewed very well.

neutralgamer199280d ago


i don't know what you are talking about but it had major issues even on PC at launch. what's really sad is i still remember the E3 trailer and how the world looked like it was so full of life and it is still no where near that even after all these patches. The point is saying stuff like on console ports had issues isn't a valid excuse or reason when they knew the issues and didn't allow console footage before release

they could have delayed the game and launch first on PC

just_looken80d ago


Right now fire up cyberpunk on the best hardware and it crawls along maxed out and yes i know oh oh maxed out but this game was made when the 2080ti was king yet it can break the 3090ti/4090.

It looks amazing yes but 30-50ps 4k with shutter on a 5800X3D/4090

Yes you can get higher with dlss and all that fsr crap but that is not native resolutions but upscale crap.

The game was gutted after 6yrs of dev time then glued some of that work together then made some rush crap after it was thrown out the door with fundamental engine/design issues that every version will have for ever.

Also lets not forget cyberpunk crunch/decisions made over 60% of the witcher team leave and almost every red engine programmer is gone that is why they are using unreal engine now.

TheEroica81d ago

So glad I waited to play this game... I'll just wait for them to finish it and pay half the price thank you very much! It seems in this hobby it's a punishment to purchase on day 1...

Crows9081d ago

Well you can purchase day punishment. Just don't do it without checking out reviews and concerns first.

I think most people look up reviews if movies, phones, electronics, hardware, etc..before purchasing....don't know why they wouldn't do the same for games.

This game was at $5 it's back up to over $20 so you'll likely have to wait a lot more until it goes back down since the game is stable and is going tk be adding dlc soon. The game reviewed very well on PC. So in that sense promises or not it's a good game.

darthv7281d ago

FSR 2.1... time for another DF test.

CrimsonIdol80d ago

Ah nice! Actually already had this set up for my wife's machine (1080ti) thanks to whatever legend created the FSR 2.0/2.1 mod that basically replaces DLSS. That worked great although there was some more extreme ghosting around the back of a bike you were riding compared to DLSS. Other than that it was nearly perfect already (and still 100% worth using) so hoping the official version clears that up.

anast81d ago

I'm waiting for the 1.7 and expansion. They got me like a Skyrim homer. There is no other world like it so I am putting up with the shortcomings of this game.

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Notellin81d ago

I truly loved the game once a few of the patches released. I bought it early when price tanked to 15$ out the gate. Absolute steal for the value I got out of this game.

I keep coming back for these patches and I'm looking forward to the expansion as well.

Crows9081d ago

Same..i got it for $5 though...traded it back in unfortunately...though this is a game I don't mind repurchasing digital.

thorstein81d ago

Other worlds like it:

Shadowrun Returns
Deus Ex Human Revolution
The Ascent
Detroit: Become Human
System Shock

You're welcome.

81d ago
Crows9081d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Shadow run is top down turn based rpg.
Deus ex is very linear
The ascent is a twin stick shooter.
Detroit is story based with little gameplay.
System Shock is really old but great.

None of those games are similar at all to each other or to cyberpunk 2077. Outside of world building subject matter.

saint_seya81d ago

I just downloaded the game on my Series X, looks great (i didnt buy the game).
My friend who uses my PS5 account shared his Xbox account with me, so i can download his Xbox games and he can download my PS5 games. I really think it looks better than what i saw on youtube, and the frame rate doesnt seem to bad, at least not the first hour of the game i played, maybe it will go down from here, but so far it looks good, and runs ok.

potedude81d ago

I'm just starting it also, great fun for the first hour or two. I'm sure it will all be good.

babadivad80d ago

What faction did you join?

potedude80d ago

None yet, I've only played a few hours.

masterfox81d ago

Im pretty sure there still lots of hogwarts police men that are appear from thin air.

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