Death Stranding connects 10 million porters worldwide

Kojima Productions: "As of November 8th, 2022, DEATH STRANDING has connected with over 10 million Porters worldwide across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.* This milestone comes as the DEATH STRANDING franchise celebrates its 3rd anniversary following its launch on November 8th, 2019."

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anast90d ago

Good game. I enjoyed repairing roads for other porters.

ClayRules201289d ago

Yes. The game really frustrated and annoyed me at times - more in part of myself (not repairing my boots, walking through deep water, causing me to loose my cargo among other things, and than I had to stop, think, adapt etc.

Repairing roads for people, putting a ladder up for someone over here or seeing them place something for me, working as a team - in a sense, although we’d never cross paths, but helped mold, shape, create and expand this interesting world around us was rather fascinating to me. I really loved that aspect of it!