Honest Gamers Review - Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 4: Dangeresque 3

Honest Gamers: "From the very beginning, it had to be coming. I knew it, probably everyone who knew of Homestar Runner before the games knew it as well. Dangeresque 3. Those of you who know what that is have probably already skipped the rest of the review to go download the game, because in the annals of Strong Bad history, Dangeresque is legendary.

For the rest of you, Dangeresque is the Homestar Runner world's action movie. It's part detective noir, part James Bond. Basically, Strong Bad dresses up in a pair of big, beige aviator sunglasses, picks up his nunchuck gun, and goes on an adventure through familiar scenery, dressed up with a lot of shoddy props.

While it's technically the same places you've always's not exactly the same places you've been. Strong Badia becomes Strong Borneo, a vicious jungle complete with indigenous potted plants and a river made from a garden hose. A random brick wall in the middle of a field becomes Brainblow City, its skyline dominated by cardboard buildings. There's even a car chase sequence where the car never actually moves. It's what The Bourne Identity would look like if it was made by schoolkids."

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