Final Fantasy XVI anticipated Summer 2023, PS5 exclusive for six months

PlayStation's 'Play Like Never Before' promo video has revealed the exclusivity length for Final Fantasy XVI.

"Discover how games are brought to life with the power of the PS5 Console. Experience next-gen immersion with stunning visuals in 4K, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers from the DualSense Wireless Controller, and enhanced perception with 3D audio."

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Flawlessmic85d ago

Weird way to kinda let that one slip, always figured it was a timed exclusive 6 months is shorter than usual though.

Next year is gonna be great yr for gaming if everything that is due to come out actually arrives on time.

blue8885d ago (Edited 85d ago )

[email protected] 6 months until the game release on pc not Xbox I presume.

RaidenBlack85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Are these talking in console exclusivity terms or overall platform exclusivity terms?
FFXVI is 6 months exclusive to PS5, after which its coming to PC, right? Or PC + XSX?
Video also states Forspoken is 2 years exclusive to PS5. But its launching on PC as well.

Lightning Mr Bubbles85d ago


I think it's more likely that they're talking about it coming to PC in 6 months. I doubt it's coming to xbox since they've been advertising it as "console exclusive" since the very first trailer.

But I could be wrong. If "console exclusive" ends up meaning it's coming to xbox in 6 months, then that is some serious marketing spin. I'll never trust any of this again.

CrimsonWing6985d ago

This will only become more of the norm.

neutralgamer199285d ago

looking at FF7 remake we can be sure this isn't coming to xbox anytime soon. From day one it was revealed as console exclusive. I think sony are just waiting for activision acqusition to be decided and they will buy out few mid size publishers in return

RedDevils85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

They should just buy SE already at this point. Most of Sony fans play/buy SE games anyway.

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mark_parch85d ago

6 months exclusivity doesn't really mean much when it comes to final fantasy, we still haven't seen ff7 remake on xbox yet

Lightning Mr Bubbles85d ago

Wait what? Does this mean it's not coming to PC till 6 months after release? As far as xbox, they've been advertising it this whole time as "console exclusive". Not "timed" console exclusive.

I think it's more likely that this means it's 6 months till it comes to PC, which is pretty big news to me. I always assumed it was coming to PC day 1.

Eonjay85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Actually if Square can do a decent PCc port within 6 months of it releasing on PS5 that will be quite an achievement. There were several complains about the FF7 port. Don't rush it .

z2g85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

sony demonstrates its "fear" of ms limiting gamers access to popular gaming franchises by limiting access to popular franchises...

shinoff218385d ago

Timed exclusive is not comparable to buying up publishers. Wtf yall. Not even the same what so ever

rlow185d ago

No, but if your able to block your competitor from access to big franchises like FF. Then buying out publishers is a way to guarantee access to content. Especially when Sony has a strong history of locking out Xbox from content and games.

DarXyde85d ago

"Not the same" and "not comparable" are not the same things, though.

Certainly they are not the same, but are comparable - in a way, publisher/studio purchases are is the antithesis of timed exclusivity.

A purchased studio/publisher means you effectively guarantee that all future games hit your platform. You can also release on other platforms, but you cannot really have a competitor contract the purchased publisher/studio to make another game exclusively. For example, if Microsoft bought From Software, I highly, highly doubt Microsoft would be willing to let Sony contract them to make another Bloodborne. That would be unfortunate, especially if a studio is contracted because they have great experience with making certain games you would fund the entirety of development for. I don't mind projects like that. It's like Scalebound which would not happen at all without Microsoft's backing.

It is the opposite of timed exclusivity in that, rather than guaranteeing that a game does not hit a platform, it is insurance that your platform DOES get all future releases (and, in principle, could be used to nerf or re-prioritize releases on other platforms).

Another side to this though: Square has the right to refuse any exclusivity deals. If this is a lifetime console exclusive, we have to assume that Sony offered them so much money that not making an Xbox version is a net positive for the company. My guess is that it is simply a timed console exclusive, though the window may not only be 6 months for that. Then again, if Final Fantasy VII is any indication, Sony doesn't play with exclusivity of Final Fantasy.

I'm not a fan of these things. I just care that my platform of choice isn't excluded from games that look interesting to me.

darkrider85d ago

Play with fire and you get burned

SoulWarrior85d ago

6 month timed exclusive of a game in a series that's always seen considerably more success on PS.

Spending 68 billion on a publisher who's games have also largely been significantly more successful on PS for the lasy time.

Doesn't seem remotely comparable to me.

85d ago
neutralgamer199285d ago


please be a gamer not a fanboy of any plastic box:

1- a 2 trillion dollar company is scared of playstation (exact words MS used because they can't compete with playstation)

2- timed exclusive will never be the same as IP's being taken away from other platforms. and MS themselves have made timed exclusive deals every GEN

3- ms bought zenimax and made their games exclusive to xbox so we have actual proof they will do the same to all their acquistions

4- we as gamers shouldn't be supporting this or celebrating this because this means sony will make counter moves and buy out mid size publishers like capcom, sega dn square

both ms and sony should focus on independent studio buys and not go after publishers who don't need their resources to survive

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